The Galley Serving ‘Alternative Pub Food’ in the Kitchen at Clooney’s

Can you guys read that? There’s a fancy sausage, a fancy beef tongue fatbread thing, a sandwich that’s basically french onion soup on a sandwich, a fancy peanut butter and jelly, and ribs. Sounds good to me, but does this mean no more $1.50 hotdog-and-beer special nobody ever got?

On the other hand, now maybe Clooney’s won’t be known as the worst place in town to take a first date.

Oh and they’re serving all day every day, 11am-10pm or so.

SF Weekly has the full story of the Clooney’s kitchen makeover and the dudes running the place here. [via Eater SF]

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3 Comments on “The Galley Serving ‘Alternative Pub Food’ in the Kitchen at Clooney’s”

  1. Stu Says:

    Yeah, still not gonna lure me in there unless it is 6:00am and I’m in a real bad way.

  2. Steve Says:

    The food is delicious.

  3. Stefanie Says:

    Ditto. Specifically, the French Onion Sandwich is awesome. Enjoy this place before the mission’s newest foodie spot goes viral.

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