The Truth About New York

Sexpigeon relocated a couple months back, and has already come to a powerful conclusion:

Whatever they tell you, New York is not a 24 hour town. Yes, there is shitball garbage open at all hours, but such is the case for any American city, for, honestly, any American suburb. And the bars stay open till 4, sure, but only the shitty ones. Your west coast two o’clock corner store rushes are a better option, honestly, for sure, yes.

Good to know! [link]

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13 Comments on “The Truth About New York”

  1. dmadey Says:

    maybe the “truth about Rego Park”?

  2. And the bars stay open till 4, sure, but only the shitty ones.

    Bzzzzt. Try again.

  3. olu Says:


  4. James O'Boston Says:

    Wow. that is so wrong.

    • yse Says:

      agreed. I spent many a night going out till the bars close followed by “breakfast” at one of those all night diners – finally getting home ~ 6am as the sun comes up. Seriously, something wrong here.

  5. TR Says:

    Incorrect, and living in SF = not a stone to throw about 24 hour anything.

  6. j Says:

    the truth about living in the middle of nowhere in nyc. nice exposé

  7. el jeffe Says:

    Late night food – not even halfway decent late night food – is really hard to come by here in SF. I wish this would change.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

      Really? There are tons of late-night and 24-hr diner-y places in SF. I have always been able to find something open no matter what the hour. But, then, I don’t live out in the Sunset or something.

      Are they going to be FINE FOOD at 4AM? Not so much. But diner-y greasy spoon goodness? Sho’nuff, not a problem what so ever.

  8. Vic Wong Says:

    I’m confused about this as well. On a Tuesday, I was able to see mind-blowing hot jazz at Mona’s for free in the East Village at 3am, then grab an amazing slice of pizza at Artichoke.

    The next night, I repeated this at Telephone Bar, then got a kick-ass pierogi at Velselka at 3:30am. I was only there for a week.

    That whole rats running in front of your path to the trash bags stored on the sidewalk is pretty creepy though. Also, it’s I don’t like massive crowds everywhere. I don’t care how attractive they are. Also, Brooklyn is probably more like San Francisco in it’s after-hours lameness.

    • James O'Boston Says:

      Depends on which part of Brooklyn – it’s a big place! OMG ‘Friscans do to NYC what Ohioans do to ‘Frisco! Rice-a-Roni much? *

      * that was all intentional.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

      Veselka! Ohhh MAN I love that place. Whenever I’m in NYC I make it a point to hit it up.

  9. the_front Says:


    do you live in the boonies? or just in brooklyn somewhere?

    also even living here in the mission, it’s not that easy to find that much to eat that isn’t a burrito…though who wouldn’t want a burrito at 3 am? (new topic: san diego mexican food is categorically better than san francisco mexican food.)

    the truth is that it is much much easier to find good food open at late hours in nyc. maybe you only looked across the street at the white car?

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