CONTEST: Win VIP Tickets to Mark Growden Release Show at the Brava Theater This Weekend!

This is that dude that played his bike handlebars a while back. Will he do it again for this special performance at the Brava? I dunno, but you can win VIP tickets by leaving a comment below explaining why you deserve them more than anyone else. Also, be sure to specify which date you’d prefer to attend. We’ll pick a winner, based on merit, on Wednesday at 5pm.

To procure tickets the traditional way, click here. If you’d like a free download of Mark’s new single courtesy of Porto Franco Records, click here.

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4 Comments on “CONTEST: Win VIP Tickets to Mark Growden Release Show at the Brava Theater This Weekend!”

  1. Jack Says:

    Well, I think you should pick me! And here’s why.

    Mark was my high school music teacher a dozen or so years ago. He was an epically cool dude. In 1999, probably as a junior in high school, I went to a CD release party of his. If I score some tickets, I’ll try my best to bring one of the very same high school friends that also attended that party back in the day. I haven’t seen Mark since high school, and I’ve hardly seen those high school friends either.

    On top of that story, it’s rare that I’m in SF. I just finished walking from Canada to Mexico (for the second time), and I’m slumming the winter in the city before my next 2000+ mile hike starts in three weeks. In order to do that sort of shit, can you imagine how frugal I’ve got to be? If I can’t see Mark for free, I won’t be going.

    Since I’m unemployed, it doesn’t matter to me which tickets I get.

    Plus, I like bikes.

  2. dave cutler Says:

    well i’d like a ticket for saturday night. why? because mr. growden is such a groovy performer that his shows have become justifiably expensive and thus beyond my puny means … AND because, as mark well knows, i’m the ATTORNEY FOR SATAN!

  3. joan strasser Says:

    Pick me because I am a huge fan since seeing Mark at the Crucible. He reminded me of Leaonard Cohen with a much more unusual band, and I had no idea he had done a cover of “I’m Your Man” until I bought the album. Also, I am a Senior Citizen, and Mark should have a senior following, not just young folk. I need a ticket for tomorrow (Friday) night at the Brava!!

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