Boys Bathroom Line Intolerably Long at Dolores Park


Well, it must have been, because they seemed to think they would have better luck on the girls’ side. Which, mind you, was already extraordinarily long, historically long, so long in fact that it began to encroach on our birthday picnic.

I’ve seen girls in the boys’ bathroom line before, cunning individuals who harness their multi-faceted powers of persuasion in order to be admitted into the quicker line, but I’ve never seen it the other way around.

Hmmm, perhaps they’re just being good boyfriends, sticking it out with their girls so the unfortunate females don’t have to endure the wait all alone.  Awww, now it’s kind of cute.  Sort of.  Cuter than the Dolores Park Peeper at least.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that the wait for the girls’ bathroom in Dolores Park is ridiculous. What ever happened to all those porta-potties?

Ladies, you tell us:  What’s the longest you’ve ever waited for the bathroom at Dolores Park?

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

2 thoughts on “Boys Bathroom Line Intolerably Long at Dolores Park”

  1. Last summer, I totally lost count of how long I was waiting there..I drank a couple of beers and by the time I got in there…let’s just say I REALLY needed to go..but when I got in, there was no TP, no handwash, and no papertowels.

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