It’s So Sad, Selling Books

Ramona (not pictured) is moving to New York, and she’s decided her biggest obstacle is the books:

Now, I already sold a bunch of them to a used bookstore in the Mission.  I made $30, which was awesome because as books they meant literally $0 to me.  And yet I still felt all weepy when I was standing at the counter sorting my cash and watching The Fountainhead become something I was definitely never going to read.  I said, “It’s so sad, selling books.” Like I was Zooey Deschanel or something, and the clerk looked at me like I was a dipshit and said, “Why?  There’s always more BOOKS.”

There’s always more books.

Read on to see what happens when she gets home.

[Photo by Meligrosa]

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14 Comments on “It’s So Sad, Selling Books”

  1. delicate fleur Says:

    Never reading The Fountainhead is nothing to be sad about.

  2. SCUM Says:

    Somebody needs to be sedated.

  3. Hell, I stil can’t find a copy of “WAR AND PEACE” ?

  4. I don’t even want to know someone to whom $30 in used bookstore sales would represent a noticeable bookshelf dent, and I’m pretty sure someone like that wouldn’t want to know me, either.

  5. ashley Says:

    she should have donated them all to the library.

  6. Pedro Says:

    One’s loss is another’s new spring reading. Adobe Books is having a big 1-5 dollar book sale on March 5th. Check it out!

  7. Donate your books to Friends of the San Francisco Public Library!

    If you are worried about getting rid of your books, they also host hella sales throughout the year, including a $1 Book Sale every 2nd Saturday in the Mission at their Donation Center.

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    But, on the brightside, now you don’t have to risk accidentally reading that piece of shit _Fountainhead_ by that piece of human garbage Ayn Rand.

  9. Neh Says:

    She sounds like an utter dipshit. She HAS TO “somehow find a new boyfriend before the next gift-giving holiday…” Oh Noes! I’m so glad I’m out of my 20’s and even when I was in them, I nor my friends contradicted ourselves so wildly, or had such delusions of importance, or collected our belly lint so tenaciously. That I knew of, at least. (Blogs weren’t as popular way back then.)

    • hicky Says:

      who even cares about how much you want to judge her? she can be really funny, and isn’t that what we’re all looking for, some lulz? (although I take issue with her thinking NY will be some sort of party- she’ll soon realize that it’s the asshole of the world)

  10. Oh…I’m actually quite sad, I really enjoyed what she did over at the Appeal. Everyone moves to the East East Bay, I guess, sooner or later.

    Incidentally, used bookstores do not give very much money for books. This is called “capitalism,” and like it or not, this is how used bookstores make their margins. Back when there was a Black Oak, I took Dodge Dart full of books in and maybe made 100 in trade.

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