Undercover Project Tackles the Pixies “Doolittle” Next Tuesday at Public Works

A ton of bay area musicians are reinterpreting the Pixies album “Doolittle” next Tuesday at Public Works. Bands include afrobeat ensemble Albino!, Tuvan throat-singing bluesman  Seth Augustus, and ex-Dance Hall Crasher Karina Denike.

Come witness over 100 Bay Area musicians from more than 15 ensembles as they reinterpret this beloved classic album.

One group per song. Each of the 15 songs completely rearranged to reflect the sound of that band.

Date: 2/22 Doors: 6:30 PM Show: 7:30 PM SHARP!!!

We highly encourage all attendees to purchase tickets in advance here:

Cover: $18 for advance purchases, $20 at the door (as available)

Check out the facebook event for more details on the lineup. Based on the musicians attending alone, it’s gonna be packed. Get there early.

If you don’t remember, the last show these folks put together was a remake of Nico by the Velvet Underground. Check out this recording from the show: the California Honeydrops playing a beautiful gospel inspired “Run Run Run”.

Update: I goofed, it’s next Tuesday.

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6 Comments on “Undercover Project Tackles the Pixies “Doolittle” Next Tuesday at Public Works”

  1. Ultserdom Says:

    Sounds horrific. A bunch of Burning Man types butchering a classic indie rock album by turning it into an Afrobeat/Folk/Jazz/A Capella nightmare. Lots of music-geeks who take themselves too seriously. What a shame.

  2. thinking Says:

    Sounds like a wave of music mutilation.

  3. Ariel Dovas Says:

    Holy crap. Doolittle!

  4. LL Says:

    Please note that this show is actually NEXT TUESDAY, February, 22nd. Can you please update your blog?

    Also, for all the critics out there, neither myself nor the other co-producer on both projects have been to Burning Man. However, thank you for the laugh. :)

  5. LL Says:

    Thanks for updating and for posting! This show and the album is incredible.

  6. chalkman Says:

    Doolittle and Surfer Rosa are the two best Pixies albums…

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