Go Rent a Movie

A rainy day message from Lost Weekend Video:

Well the rain has arrived. It’s the perfect time to come down to Lost Weekend and catch up on some of the Oscar movies that have come out already. These Best Picture nominees are already here: ‘Inception’, ‘The Kids Are Alright’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘Toy Story 3’ & ‘Winter’s Bone’. Movies nominated in other categories that we’ve got are: ‘The Town’, ‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘I Am Love’, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, ‘Restrepo’, and ‘Dogtooth’. Good stuff.

Good stuff indeed. If you haven’t seen Toy Story 3, you are missing out! And the Banksy movie is a hoot too! Read on for a complete list of new releases. [Screenshot courtesy of Disney/Pixar]


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5 Comments on “Go Rent a Movie”

  1. dangerousjay Says:

    ok. as long as you don’t shame me for liking netflix or guilt me into putting up with your late fees

  2. SCUM Says:

    I would rather watch On Demand.

  3. truth Says:

    You guys suck. Support a great local business instead of shilling for your bullshit.

  4. t-bone Says:

    Yeah, leave home to walk in the rain for some asshole to be rude to me.

    • melissa Says:

      I’ve never had anyone be rude to me there! Never understood why people say that. Interactions between customers and clerks always seems pleasant to me.

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