Meet Some Bathroom Friends

Sitting Room Only

Settling in at the restroom at Osha Thai I noticed that there were still two open seats. I guess you could invite the people standing outside the door to relax and wait inside? There’s no stall or anything, so it kind of seemed like anyone sitting there would just be judging my performance.

I know that sometimes restaurants just stash their extra chairs in the bathroom, but the way these two were placed really made me feel like they thought I needed some company. I know I’m overthinking it, but something about public bathrooms makes me turn into Woody Allen.

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2 Comments on “Meet Some Bathroom Friends”

  1. anon Says:

    maybe the chairs are there to counter “standing room only” situations….some of their food definitely leads to the trots by check time.

  2. Lynae Says:

    Some women like to go into the bathroom as groups and chat. Because there’s less genitalia-handling (or even genital-exposure) involved in girl!peepee time, I think we have less problems with doing it in front of other women.

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