Badass Collages Made Using Photoshop and Google Image Search


It’s part of a show up now at Guerrero Gallery, and Hi-Fructose just published an interview with artist Hilary Pecis:

I used to make collages from cutting and pasting images, mostly from fashion and decorating magazines. However, the material started to feel extremely limiting in the images I could find, and the magazines themselves were dwindleing in size.  I decided to fool around with Photoshop and the Internet, and began making the digital collages that were featured in the Guerrero Gallery exhibition.  All of the images come from Google searches.  There are sites that I like such as WikiCommons, but I never start there…It is more fun to see what pops up.  The most important part of my searching is in finding large files, and Google has mastered that by separating and delivering  images that fit with my specifications.  I feel like a spokesperson for Google, but really, if a better search engine presented itself I would use it.

Read on, and don’t forget to go to the gallery and see this piece and lots more in person.

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