Breezy Nix

This is Breezy Nix. She looks great in an animated GIF, she’s hot stuff in Berlin, her live set is deadly rad — and she’s making her North American debut Saturday night at Amnesia.

The show’s cheap, the rest of the bill looks funnn, and the B. Nix set will probably blow your mind. Let’s dance:

RSVP and invite your friends via the event’s official Facebook page.

[Animated GIF by A. Hough]

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7 Comments on “Breezy Nix”

  1. Lukas Says:

    uh, yeah. if anyone has an idea on set times, would love you. you could even just make something up.

  2. Moondoggie Says:

    hey Allan, tell Breezy that I dug her mix, from cumbia to house, that’s quite a trip. If I wasn’t already spinnin’ tonight, I’d be at Amnesia.

  3. here’s the set times:
    ok djs 9-10:30
    cumberbund (live)- 10:30
    roche (live)- 11:15
    breezy nix (live)- 12:00
    bobby browser (live)- 12:45
    ok djs- 1:15-close

    rsvp and share here:

  4. chalkman Says:

    isn’t Amnesia packed every saturday night?

  5. SCUM Says:

    Mindless DJ drug crap, no thanks.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    This post gave me epilepsy.

  7. What the last couple o’guys said — just completing the Mission oldster trifecta. :)

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