Get Hella Excited About Books

Pedro from Adobe got in touch to plead for help getting people excited about “reading” again. I was like, “People love reading!” And he was like, “But it’s not really reading unless they’re reading musty old bound stacks of stale paper!” And I was like, “I dunno man, times are a-changing.” And then Pedro hit me with a folding chair! And his buddies were all, “Die, blogger, die!” And then they all started kicking me, and I was begging for my life.

They agreed to let me go if I’d help publicize their little book sale. Whatever:

Adobe Books has been a sacred place for music and arts in the mission for over 20 years. It’s been having some rough times, so we’re trying to get people excited about reading again, esp. used books. It’s a $1-$5 dollar sale on selected books. We’ll have snacks, and we’ll be playing all our favorite lit-inspired songs.

Lit-inspired songs! Wheeee!!

But seriously, Adobe rules. RSVP and invite your friends here.

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7 Comments on “Get Hella Excited About Books”

  1. AttF Says:

    Adobe is great. Love stopping by there and seeing some good free music while perusing the killer book selection. One of the few non-bar settings in the vicinity that I actually still see neighborhood stalwarts hanging at.

  2. Pedro Says:

    thanks allan! march 5th – see you all there!

  3. Anon Says:

    Oh, I didn’t know Pedro worked there! Is it the new Delores park?

  4. MrEricSir Says:

    Adobe Books is also your portal to Elsewhere.

  5. SCUM Says:

    I like books but I can’t stand the bird man.

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