Help Fund Rob Reich’s Circus Bella Allstar Band CD

If you’ve ever seen Rob Reich play accordion with Gaucho at Amnesia on Wednesdays or 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Tartine Bakery, you are well aware of his genius. He’s a brilliant improviser with an impeccable human-jukebox ear. Call out any tune to the guy, seriously. Overworld theme to Super Mario Bros. 2? No problem. Jump by Van Halen? Easy. Not only that, he’ll work it into a solo later in the night just to make you feel special. He’s so good that he’s been muralized in front of Amnesia.

Rob also composes the best original circus music you’ve ever heard for local troupe Circus Bella. After 3 years of performing his compositions at their live events he’s hoping to raise the funds to record a record with the Circus Bella All Star Band, which includes a bunch of amazing local musicians you’ve probably seen around. If you enjoy the music, consider donating to his kickstarter campaign. If you donate $10 you get a digital copy of the record. If you donate $250, hold on to your slide whistle, because you get to be on the record!

Here’s his composition Abigail’s Waltz for arial artist High Flyin’ Abigail Munn:

Here’s the kickstarter page, which contains a cool video of Rob describing the project.

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