KKKatie Back in BBBusiness?

So says this headline here:

[Photo by Talent Is An Asset]


Free KKKatie Rally in Dolores Park

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44 Comments on “KKKatie Back in BBBusiness?”

  1. oh Says:

    please no more shitty graffiti!!!! move to ohio or somewhere else please.

  2. SCUM Says:

    All graffiti is shitty if it is done on private or public property without permission.

    • Religion is cancer Says:

      if it is done on private or public property with permission, it’s not graffiti, dumbass.

      • SCUM Says:

        There is lot’s of graffiti art that has been done with permission DUMBASS, some people just call them murals.

      • triple0 Says:

        @SCUM: You see what you did there? You called it ‘graffiti art’ to differentiate the legal stuff from non-legal stuff… Oops. You lose.

      • SCUM Says:

        I have been publicly owned, I will be in the corner weeping into my PBR.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

        Well, Taggers ARE Shitty scumbags. Real graffiti artists are A-OK.

        Really, people, we’ve sorted this all out months ago. Get with the program.

      • SCUM Says:

        Always listen to your Doktor.

      • triple0 Says:

        Just to be clear — I hate about 98% of the tags I see, too. I’m not defending those turds.

        I’m just saying categorical hate for illegal graffiti is dumb. Categorical hate for shitty graffiti? A-OK in my book.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

        Yeah, that’s more or less my opinion, too. Whether it is illegal or not has 0 relevance towards its quality for me.

  3. I shall find her and give her a lobotomy, Frances Farmer-style.

  4. T.C. Says:

    Dear Mission Mission, please stop giving kkkatie face time on your blog. Nobody really cares about her that much, if at all. I’m sure she gets a big kick when she comes on here and finds articles about herself. If I see another kkkatie article I will have to cancel my subscription.

    p.s. I hate graffiti and murals.

  5. Allan Hough Says:

    It’s like living in Afghanistan and being bummed about the endless war waged upon you for generations by imperialist invaders.

  6. el jeffe Says:

    I have nothing against grafitti or murals. I just think his / her name sucks. I agree with those above who don’t want to see anything more about her on this blog.

  7. cmonalready Says:

    I kissed Katie once at Delirium sometime in 2008, she and I met at my work where I made coffee and stuff, she asked me if I’d like to go get coffee sometime. She comes from a heavily christian family and has about as much personality as sink drain. I don’t like taggers, most of the taggers I have met are quite boring copies of each other, with self absorbed out-looks on life.

  8. sniffsniffTAGGERS!!sniffsniff Says:

    the comments on this blog are 98%
    dumbass….get out of here on the Google bus you rode in on.

  9. lee ving Says:

    Yeah, I don’t get why this blog gives taggers so much air time. And they always post the weakest shit. If you’re going to post this crap, at least *try* and develop an eye for it. Honestly, most of the stuff you see in the Mission these days is stupid suburban art school kids who have no clue/skills. The late 80s-early 90s era is long gone.

  10. 0101 Says:

    Yes the Phunk is gone found now only on the DREAM wall and in photos of Pyscho City and the old Duboce Tunnels (other places too but those are the few off the top of my head i can think of). Progression is key and bombing is harder than ever so of course style is going to adapt and evolve.

    and since when does being from the suburbs have to do with being able to do graffiti? The best freight painters are from the sticks

    • Lee Ving Says:

      Well, I guess my point is that there’s a difference between a real writer vs. some new jack hipster from upper class Orange County who goes to art school in SF and tags for “cred”. I mean, are there even any real writers left in SF? It’s not like you see anything even approaching the worst MSK writer from LA circa ’91 here. Not these days. Even Chaka has a leg up on these fools.

      • 0101 Says:

        lets be real, do you see any crews approaching what MSK AWR has done in the past or present as writers and artists? No.
        And yes there are real writers left, you obviously just dont know them.
        And once again, being from a well-off family whether Orange County, LA, or the East Bay, has nothing to do with your skill as a writer.

    • Keep on dreaming, alla you guys, that any of the Mission people who have been here for a generation or more give a fuck what you write, or how you write it, or where you write it. We don’t. It’s all instantly forgettable, and instantly erasable. We note it long enough to delete it from our walls. And our memories, too. We don’t care about its history, and couldn’t reference it if you asked us to. To us, it is the shit we have to deal with because we live in a city filled with the under-observed, over-grown, latch-key children of newly-urban hillbillies.

  11. SCUM Says:

    I like how the Uptown had freshly painted bathroom walls for 1 day before the assholes scribbled their “cool” tags.

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