Is It Snowing in SF Yet?

From reader Sean C.:

I got bored at work today and threw together a silly site that will be completely irrelevant in a few days.  I love it.

I love it too. And I hope it hurries up and snows.

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8 Comments on “Is It Snowing in SF Yet?”

  1. Brock Keeling Says:


  2. el jeffe Says:

    If you were my employee I would fire you asap.

  3. brooke Says:

    a poor imitation of Mat Honan’s – Honan invented the form and even beat you to copying it, in addition to doing a much finer job.

  4. reality Says:

    Your readers are assholes.

  5. janet Says:

    wow, I’m impressed. I’m bored too but can’t do that. Wish I could or someone could show me how to!!

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