New Mission Bicycle Video

Our pals at Mission Bicycle have a new promo video done by 4SP Films, the same guys that did the Tartine Bread one a while ago. It looks great and has nice shots of the ‘hood.

Jefferson adds:

They were pretty awesome to work with but they wanted to crop out a bit where a dog is taking a leak in and otherwise beautiful shot.  I said NO WAY.  It’s one of my favorite bits.  Gotta look close though, it’s just a quick flash.

Bonus dog peeing shot!

[Vimeo link]

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4 Comments on “New Mission Bicycle Video”

  1. Just Sayin' Says:

    “It doesn’t seem like it should be such a big deal…”
    That’s because it isn’t.

  2. Adam Says:

    I’ve seen the customer around and remarked to myself about how dumb it is to ride a freewheel with only a front brake. To find out that he was sold his bike that way by Mission Bike Co. is not very surprising but nonetheless somewhat angering. Do better for your customers.

  3. rightleft Says:

    great vid. this guy’s passion really comes out. makes me remember how great it is to be in a city that embraces bike culture. not sure why these 3 other comments are so negative and vindictive sounding. bike seat set too high or just the typical type of comment of militaristic hipster wannabe too cool know-it-alls. i’ve been in the store and they make bitchin sexy bikes. nice local shop.

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