A Day at the Races

You know how you’ve been meaning to go to Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields for like a hundred years and you’ve still never been? You should go finally, seriously. I did recently, and it was a lovely day.

The photo ops are plentiful:

The ponies are majestic:

You learn a thing or two about fashion from all the old dudes hanging out:

There’s badass graff out by the parking lot:

And you can catch an otherworldly sunset at the beach on your way out:

Then wander the streets of Berkeley and happen upon funny stuff on your way to dinner:

Yeah, since you’re over there anyway, this is a good time to catch up with those East Bay buddies you haven’t seen for a while and finally try one of those restaurants they like, like Paisan:

And then a leisurely train ride home:

What a lovely day at the races!

One thought on “A Day at the Races”

  1. And for your Mission connection: Matthew from Fayes Video owns horses that race at Golden Gate Fields. Bay Meadows Friday nights were better, but I am always happy to head out to lose money at GGF. Also, shout out to Dick Tracy in that last shot.

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