Acid-Washed Jeans Are Back!

Lookin’ good!

[Photo by We Built This City]

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10 Comments on “Acid-Washed Jeans Are Back!”

  1. Joshua Says:


  2. tofupuppy Says:

    Nope. Acid washed jeans came back, 2 years ago or so, and are again passe.

  3. SCUM Says:

    That but is kinda asse.

  4. danielle Says:

    yeah passe for sure. acid wash jeans were recently available on clearance at Levis.

  5. Alissa Says:

    Is this the kind of sweet high-contrast fade you can end up with if you never wash your jeans?

  6. GG Says:

    To be clear, getting the full view of this patron left me confused as to whether her look was “I got these at the Goodwill because value is far more important to me than fashion” or “I’m totally riding the crest of the 4th wave acid-wash revival.” She was definitely toeing that “hipster or homeless?” line.

  7. SimonSays Says:


  8. pant panther Says:

    the person who posted this obviously doesn’t get out much

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