CONTEST: Win Tickets to Elephant 6 Film Screening and PERFORMANCE at the Roxie!

Elephant 6, the collective made up of Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo and many other indie rock favorites, have been working on this feature film Major Organ and the Adding Machine for a while, and on Sunday, they’re screening it at the Roxie. AND playing some songs. Their show at the Independent the night before is sold out, so if you don’t have tickets to that, you might want to hurry up and buy tickets to this.

OR, you could try to win tickets by entering our contest. Leave a comment below relating a personal anecdote about any Elephant 6 project or any instance of a group of musicians making a foray into the realm of cinema, and we’ll pick two winners based on merit. Each winner will get a pair of passes. Contest ends at 8pm on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “CONTEST: Win Tickets to Elephant 6 Film Screening and PERFORMANCE at the Roxie!”

  1. The first time I did mushrooms I was listening to In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. The beginning of the King of Carrot Flowers was blasting, when someone with a petition knocked on my door. My friends crawled away leaving me to deal with the unwelcome visitor, there were windows on either side of the door so she could see the entire affair.

    I opened the door and she was treated to “I love you JEEESUUUUS CHRIIIIIIST.” She said “it sounds like you’re having a party in there!” I said “yeah, we kinda are” and slammed the door in her face and crawled away.

    Thank you Jeff Mangum for saving me from solicitors.

    1. Back when I was a devout Mormon, I was wandering the streets of Cleveland looking for any soul that would be receptive to the word of the big J. As I stepped up and tentatively knocked on the door of a potential convert, I heard the most amazing strains of music I’ve ever heard. Even though I was rebuked by the kindly red headed woman, the power of that music literally blew the ovaries out of me! Jeff Mangum literally made a man out of me that day.

  2. well, there’s this –

    &&& then there’s all the mixtapes floating around new england with “on avery island” cuts on side A & Tone Soul Evolution on side B, all the E6 paraphernalia peppered through my vinyl collection.
    ohhh, the musee mechanique, that’s one of the first places I went when I got here & it was cos of that Kim Cooper book on E6 & ‘Aeroplane’.

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