Diary TONIGHT at Pop’s

You may have heard that Diary, everyone’s favorite emo night, is moving to Saturday nights. The first one is tonight: 9 PM at Pop’s. Don’t miss out, Emo karaoke is the perfect opportunity to show off that you can still sing along with every word in Cop by Alkaline Trio!

If you’re confused by emo, the Diary guys put together a great mix for SF Weekly. Personally, I’m hoping to hear Embrace, Mineral, and Knapsack tonight.

P.S. You guys remember the Emo Game, right? (Disclaimer: I don’t support what I remember to be the rampant, messed up use of rape in the storyline. I’m in it for the pixel drawings and 7-inches.)

4 thoughts on “Diary TONIGHT at Pop’s”

  1. I only wanna go if they play shit like navio forge. then you’ll have a reason to drown your sorrows.

  2. Thanks for posting this, guys! In the future, you don’t have to hope to hear anything. Just come to the DJ booth in the back of the bar, and ask for whatever you like (even Navio Forge). If we have it, we’ll most likely play it for you.

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