Beloved 14th and Valencia tiger mural eradicated

Here it is in its former glory:

[Photo via Westbymidwest]

And, today:


So that just happened.

On a positive note, the laser-eyes kitties mural has just come back from the dead, so maybe the Tiger might do the same someday.


Author: Mission Mission

Any number of former writers. Email Allan if you want to know who wrote what.

35 thoughts on “Beloved 14th and Valencia tiger mural eradicated”

  1. Uh, no major art loss; it’s only more of Dan Plasma’s same-ol’ same-ol’. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

    1. Wait a minute…

      You’re looking at the second picture of the standard street garbage those dingbats are spraying up there, and you’re claiming that the FIRST picture was boring?!

      Dude, there’s a picture of you in the OED next to the definition of “retard”.

  2. The first picture is horrible garbage by that spot stealing no-talent hack, “Dan Plasma” Good riddance, dude is a total kook.

    1. Careful! Old Cranky is the Sister Wendy of street art and a defender of no-talent hacks. To him, J·A·S·T is Miró.

      1. I don’t give a fuck about Dan Plasma or any other wallbanger; I just find it amusing that you bozos are so eaten-up with hatred of him that you constantly sling his name around like some kind of totem of all things bad. Meanwhile, the average civilian can’t tell his line of ozone-depletion from yours and, if pressed hard, frequently prefers his to yours.

        I guess having to write a lot of funny-looking block letters exclusively, because you can’t draw, makes for lots of sour grapes, eh?

    2. Well, clearly not “no talent” as the first one is a much better piece of art than the second one.

  3. Don’t understand what’s up with all the Dan Plasma hate. I’m not saying the tiger was high art, but it was a unique decoration.

    Plus it always made me want Frosted Flakes.

    1. Unique = the only one of its kind.

      Move around a little and you’ll see that , Tony the Tiger on the DL isn’t “unique”.
      I think now, he wants Libyan women to take the fight to the streets. Plenty of people want him to take his cans to Tripoli.

  4. 1) False alarm, Erika: the tiger is at 15th and Valencia. Did you walk a block down and check again? (Kidding, but not about the “15th”.)

    2) Who knows the artist of the original tiger ( which Dan Plasma’s version replaced a few years ago? I think I remember that the original tiger had been tag-damaged and Dan Plasma’s refresh was welcome, but not sure.

  5. I have no idea who Dan Plasma is, but both the original and new look like crap to me. This isn’t art, it’s graffiti, pure and simple. It’s also criminal and expensive to clean up. I don’t know if any of these idiots bothered to get the owner’s permission, if they didn’t they should be arrested. If they did, the owner needs better taste and a permit.

  6. “Criminal!!!!” boo hoo. Your taxes pay for real crimes. Graffiti is fun for the no tax paying kids who do it because you get your polo shirt in such a wad.
    The real mess comes out of the ass of that toy-dog you’re ‘raising’ and not picking up after. That looks like crap to me. Meanwhile, your taxes filling people’s grandchildren with shrapnel.

      1. hahaha look who’s talking. your ignorance is obvious even over the internet. “it’s criminal and expensive to clean up…idiots…owner’s permission…should be arrested”

        1)plasma’s “mural” was a rip off of the original tiger mural there.
        2)plasma is an grey-haired out of towner who for some reason thinks he is a “street-artist” but can’t use a can to save his fucking life
        3)he snitches and calls the cops on writers, but claims to be down for the gritty side of graffiti
        4)permission was granted, do you really think they spent 3 days on an illegal production without getting questioned?
        5)youre fucking stupid. do your homework before expressing your worthless opinion

      2. “3)he snitches and calls the cops on writers, but claims to be down for the gritty side of graffiti”

        So what you’re saying here is, he totally owns you, because you don’t have the balls to curb-stomp him? That’s what you do with snitches, right?

        Or are you just pulling this stuff out of your ass because you don’t have a real argument that anybody other than your friends would find credible?

      3. I don’t need to do any homework to voice my opinion on what I believe looks good. This stuff is crap, total juvenile, BS. It doesn’t look good, end of story. The “artist” makes the neighborhood look worse and if he did get permission the owner has no taste. That’s what I said in my post, assuming you took the time to read it.

        I’d suggest you learn to read for comprehension, but given your writing is completely incomprehensible I don’t think it’s possible. I find it strange that people like you take the time to post when no-one can understand what the hell they’re talking about. Go back to 2nd grade, in a decade or two, if you study, you just may be worth paying attention to; but I doubt it.

      4. haha ok, now it’s obvious you’re trolling…
        internet grammar troll has bad grammar…

  7. “So what you’re saying here is, he totally owns you, because you don’t have the balls to curb-stomp him? That’s what you do with snitches, right?”

    Payback is being done with paint, people are handling their biz w/ Plasma already. It would be pathetic to beat that guy down (even though if you look at his Flickr he’s a wannabe MMA fighter). There’s honor in the game – don’t try to understand.

  8. I’m Chaz and Nipsy…don’t know about any others. Don’t care about handle continuity. The internet is an imaginary kingdom where i am your master.

  9. Oops your right….i forgot the E. I also use Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Marcia Wallace, Mary Ann Mobley, Joyce Bulifant, and Elaine Joyce.

  10. Shit, why’d you kids have to give the tiger the buff?
    Sure, the repairs to the tiger were a downgrade, but now you’ve erased something that gave me joy every time I’ve driven south on Valencia since it appeared. Big frown at Dan P as well for starting this battle.

  11. U all are fucking retarded as fuck graffiti was done to stop street taggers painting on it cuz they respect street art nots sum crazy tiger with gooogley eyes …since u guys mis tigers so much go to the amazon fucks ..asthma has no respect in the art to do mirrals u gota respect that

  12. What is that nonsense creapn up the tigers ass?or the 3rd eye on it’s ribs???stooooopid ass nonsense…I don’t have to try to immitate sum 1 elses art to. Be cool.and take that fuckin face pic down of the second flick…it ain’t kewl

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