Lou Reeds

The ever inventive Doctor Popular recently walked down Osage Street and discovered 32 Lou Reed stencils on the ground. Over on Objective Scenes, the group mobile phone photography blog*, of which he is a member, he posted up the below gif which moves through all of the stencils as seen by his mobile phone camera. Pretty cool result.

*That is definitely an explanation that would not have made sense to me five years ago.


11 thoughts on “Lou Reeds”

  1. Probably the most cut stencil ever! Way to go champ! You’re an artist now. You’re friends are gonna think you’re so cutting edge. “Man, were friends with a real actual “street artist.” Welcome to my neighborhood….

    1. We don’t think he’s cutting edge, or a street artist. We just like that he decorates our alley with something besides piss and vomit. So welcome to our neighborhood…

  2. Guess Craig won’t be happy until someone stencils the chupacabra. So original you are. Chief.

    32 in the mission but i toured with this artist and there are hundreds nationwide.

    Awesome stuff.

      1. I most certainly did. I took a ride on the millenium highway, where the feathers were strange and my life did re-arrange.

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