Spiderclam, Planet of the Gapes, Freaks and Dicks

Apparently James Franco is a big fan of Kink.com — so big in fact, that he’s directing a documentary on the famed porn castle, and production has already started.

So what was it like when Franco came to the Mission? Indiewire has the details:

A tweet from Kink.com actress rain degrey from June 26 read: “Kink.com is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.”

Expect more James Franco in the Mission in the coming months, and maybe you’ll get to f*ck him if you’re lucky.


Author: Mission Mission

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20 thoughts on “Spiderclam, Planet of the Gapes, Freaks and Dicks”

      1. If you say so. I have not, so far, seen any evidence that Kink.com employees suffer any more employment-related crap than any other group of employees — given their initial acceptance of their conditions of employment.

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