San Francisco the drink

What oh what does it taste like? (And would RayRay get pissed if I ordered one?)

[via Sexpigeon, who is currently on holiday in Norway]

15 thoughts on “San Francisco the drink”

  1. If those Norweigen bottlers got the true essence of San Francisco in that mixer then it tastes like piss and stinks like shit.

  2. The City Bar in the Aria in Vegas has a San Francisco cocktail

    It consists of:

    Creme de Banana
    and Creme.

    Served shaken

    Get it? Bananas, fruits, and earthquakes?

  3. What the hell is Sex Pidgeon doing in Norway?! Either way, as a Norwegian, I enjoy the coverage. But I don’t think trying that drink mix is on the top of my things to do once I go home…

  4. Actually, I was just in Paris and the “San Francisco” was a top choice on drink menus. I didn’t order but perhaps it’s a Euro thing.

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