Get your tintype portrait on Valencia Street

We stopped by the grand opening party of Photobooth yesterday, and were surprised to see the storefront (which some of you may remember as a two-story acupuncture clinic) transformed into a vast, high-ceilinged space resembling an Apple Store. Photobooth is a portrait studio, gallery, retail store, and a new addition to the Mission arts scene, run by local photographers Michael Shindler and Vince Donovan.

Shindler and Donovan, who specialize in Civil War-era tintypes and Polaroids respectively, run a live portrait studio in the storefront during open hours offering two modes of instant gratification ($20 for Polaroid, $40 for tintype). The retail portion is stocked with retro camera gear, including refurbished Polaroid cameras, the entire Lomography toy camera line, and Polaroid film from the Impossible Project. The space will also feature local photographers, host events and openings, and hold alternative photography classes.


Author: Mission Mission

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8 thoughts on “Get your tintype portrait on Valencia Street”

    1. Yes, indeed, and with two major art schools and more art organizations per capita than Los Angeles and other large cities/counties, it’s no small thing, contributing significantly to the local economy. That said, it’s still insular.

  1. Damn happy that there is someplace local to buy Impossible Project Polaroid film!

    Twee? Why is engaging in photography dumb and hipster? I just don’t see the down side.

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