Medjool hopes to go legit with its rooftop bar

Medjool has applied for a “conditional use authorization” for its controversial rooftop bar, which was shut down by the SFPD some time ago.

Reader tack sent us this picture and adds his piece:

Personally I’m not looking forward to the roof bar reopening. There was always drunken domestic abuse outside my bedroom window at 1:30am when it was running and when the fire department shut it down it magically all went poof. I’d hate to see the drunk yuppies chewing out and threatening their girlfriends/wives return to the neighborhood. It was disgusting and tragic.

Supporters of this cause (let’s just call them ‘roofies’) will be stating their case on Septemper 8th, noon at City Hall room 400 in case you want to give ’em what for (even though you’ve never actually, like, been to that place.)

Author: Vic Wong

I own a sword. I like to write. I am a software engineer for I am a gypsy jazz guitarist.

10 thoughts on “Medjool hopes to go legit with its rooftop bar”

  1. I’ve always been a proponent of having a Mission night in the Marina; throngs of mission dudes and gals invade union/chestnut area…demand PBRs, chain smoke Parliaments on every corner, take over the juke box, chain their bikes on every tree, you get my point…thoughts?

  2. > There was always drunken domestic abuse outside my bedroom window at 1:30am

    Ummm… welcome to every bedroom window in the Mission, buddy. I live next to Elbo Room, you think it’s any different?

    1. +1 for a great post, +1 for prompting Gretchen into acting like a schoolmarm noob. And +1 more for giving me this opportunity to troll.

      and +1000 for your sarcastic name, unless that’s your real name, in which case -1000 for being a weirdo.

      x60 if you’re nasty.

    1. No, you’re underthinking things. It is a nice outdoor space with a nice view, but it is FRAUGHT WITH ISSUES. Just search this blog for “Medjool.”

  3. Don’t like the noise from a bar, restaurant, or nightclub? Don’t live near one.

    These whiners are as bad as the ones who moved into SOMA (an entertainment/nightclub neighborhood for 20+ years) and starting bitching about the noise from Slim’s and such.

    The suburbs await.

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