Pica Pica wall keeps changing


But these guys are not half-assing it. Solid art.

Kevin sees the new piece as homophobic, depicting Dan Plasma as a feminine tiger (sitting on flowers, long eyelashes). We know there’s controversy here. We know how Mike Giant feels about it. In a way it’s pretty amazing to be able to watch a dialogue play out through amazing artwork on a wall. We just wish it came with less beef.

11 thoughts on “Pica Pica wall keeps changing”

  1. I ink Dan plasma needs to stop writing comments here for himself, hiding under a fake username.

    The new wall is awesome, Dan plasma’s wall was GARBAGE!!!

    Steel, Reyes, Persue…REAL ARTIST!

  2. all of these short grubby broke skater kids ban together against ol’ danny plasma and tag on his murals since he’d literally kill them all in a 1 on 1, reyes is like 5’2″ and fat, dan plasma trains ufc champions, not much of a contest…when no one is looking these kids are gonna get vamped by a pro…and I can’t say they don’t desrve it

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