Cyclists: Something else you can do when someone yells at you from their car

Give their rear window a little lovetap with the Freedom Hammer, and I guarantee that’s the last time they ever yell at a cyclist.


Cyclists: What do you do when someone yells at you from their car?

Author: Andrew Sarkarati

caution is the path to mediocrity. gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve.

58 thoughts on “Cyclists: Something else you can do when someone yells at you from their car”

  1. Um, pretty sure you have a bike lock in your back pocket that would probably work just as quickly as the FREEDOM HAMMER. No need to spend money on this silly shit.

    1. It’s actually pretty hard to break a tempered glass window. There are a couple of easy ways to do it, of which this is one, and spark plug ceramic is another (although it’s not that easy). I think a bike lock would be quite difficult tho. It’s surprising.

    1. if you’ve ever felt intimidated by a cyclist, then you are probably too much of a pussy to do anything about it. if a cyclist is coming at you, you have the right to push them over. you can do much more harm to someone on a bike than they can do to you as a pedestrian. they are balancing on two wheels and in a very vulnerable position. the same logic doesn’t apply to bike-car interactions; but i don’t think logic is really your game . . .

      1. Didn’t a car kill a cyclist not too long ago? Today I’m guessing? If not today, then yesterday?

      2. Thanks: Your reasoning is deeply at odds with the basic laws of physics. When a speeding metal bike frame encounters a soft flesh body, the metal bike frame is guaranteed to win.

  2. good solution… advocate property damage and potential injuries to passenger in cars from flying glass (including children who are usually in back seat) – because someone yelled at a cyclist. You are indeed an idiot….

    Awww did someone hurt your feelings because they yelled at a cyclist…..

    If someone starts this cycle of violence they should expect a crowbar swung at their bike in return – and since you don’t seem to care about repercussions – if the cyclist gets hit well that’s just collateral damage.

  3. then i guess it’s ok to shove a steel pipe in their spokes. that works like it does in the movies, right? what with them face planting over the handlebars, yeah?

  4. this is such a bad attempt at bicycling propaganda masquerading as humor, it’s the same brand of bad politicking as critical mass and occupy. i say this as a believer in bicycling, mass transit and occupy, that it pisses me off that outspoken bicyclists as a fair generalization really appear to celebrate their immaturity and do it publicly.

    what is this, golden gate park circa 1969?

    i’ve never yelled at a bicyclist, but, i have had my car broken into, and a tiny freakin window they broke cost me $700 to fix. the parallel to this post would be for me to “in good humor” say the next time a bicyclist yells at me, i go ruin $700-ish of his/her property.

    there’s a term for this kind of behavior: scorched-earth. it’s immature and i naively hope for better of my fellow san franciscans.

  5. Use your “Freedom Hammer” on my back window and we’ll see just how fast you can peddle… I bet my .45 projectile can travel faster than your legs will move your a$$!

    If you really want to ride your bicycle on the city streets, then do the same things an auto driver must do; get a license, carry minimum insurance, and have the vehicle registered with the city/state and display a license. If you don’t wish to do those things then keep your bicycle OFF the street!

    1. Hey if that was the LAW, people would do that -but it ISN’T.

      BTW it’s spelt ‘Pedal’ and you don’t have a .45 anyway, just a keyboard, and you’re not afraid to use it.

  6. I once threw a cable box at a car that almost ran me over while walking across the street. It bounced off their driver side window and they never got out to face me. He stopped moving though. He was scared and i lived It was awesome.

  7. Even in jest, this is the wrong sentiment. The comments of the folks in this thread just goes to show you how many mentally unstable drivers there are on the road around here who have sociopathic fantasies about causing injury or death to anyone who happens to be on a bicycle.

    Furthermore we live in a car-centric city in a car-centric country where drivers have free reign to kill and injure pedestrians and cyclists at will without any real consequences. Even Joshua Calder, who was caught red handed drunk and high killing a cyclist with his car and then trying to cover it up, still walks (and drives) the streets with a fair shot at walking away with no jail time.

    Drivers can kill you here, don’t give them a reason to.

  8. Seriously, if you pull this kind of crap, with your special little hipster windowbreaking hammer, I sincerely hope the first person you try it on stomps on their brakes, jumps out of their car and pummels you into a bloody heap on the pavement like you’re asking for. Because they hurt your tiny little feelings by yelling at you. If you’re going to ride in SF, you’re going to need to man up a bit.

  9. does anyone need to yell?
    does anyone need to ride a bike?
    why complicate matters with such formalities?

    lets just get drunk and smash some car windows!


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