Dr. Frasier Crane: Terminator Hunter

Local humorist Jon Skulski just published a fucking trippy-ass piece of Frasier fanfic:

Fraiser 3000 is a futuristic reimagination of the popular Cheers spinoff, Fraiser.

Set in the distant year 33,000, Fraiser finds himself in a bleak dystopian future ravaged by war, disease and terminator robots.

Tired of mistreatment and abuse, the robots have turned the tables on their masters, the humans. Self-organizing at an incredible rate, the terminators have driven humanity to festering cities, deep underground. Who can help those that  long for the sun and choke on the fetid air?

Humanity’s last hope: Dr. Fraiser Crane!

Read on, please.

P.S. In all seriousness, seriously, the Frasier finale was fucking good. I hadn’t watched the show in years, but I happened to tune into the final few minutes of the series because it aired right before something else I wanted to watch, and it slayed me. Give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Frasier Crane: Terminator Hunter”

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