Mission Vegan: Cool as ice (cream)

Now that the weather is getting somewhat warmer, I thought that this might be a good time to direct your attention to the best cold vegan treat in the city. No, it isn’t Humphrey Slocombe’s soap-or-Robitussin flavored sorbets.* It’s the soy gelato at La Copa Loca on 22nd and Capp!!! The flavors are pretty limited; generally, they’ll have vanilla, espresso and chocolate available. According to their site, they also have hazelnut, but I’ve never seen it! You can also get La Copa Loca soy gelato in milkshake form at the St. Francis Diner.

The runner up is The Pop Nation popsicle cart, who was at the last Sunday Streets and can be found at various events around the Bay Area. Their chocolate sea salt popsicle is my favorite, but I’ve heard good things about the watermelon mint one as well.

I used to love the treats from the popsicle van with the word “BOMB” written on it, but I haven’t seen them in awhile. Apparently Bomb Truck is now called Octopops and based on the pictures on their site, they’ve moved to SoCal. Bummer. Anyone know what their deal is? Come back!

I guess I’m supposed to include a Bi-Rite mention, but I must confess, I’ve never actually been to the Bi-Rite Creamery. Apparently they have an excellent chocolate coconut flavor and a Morrissey themed vegan sundae, so says my Mission Vegan predecessor. I just can’t bring myself to wait in line for ice cream. Not a diss to people who do, but I’d rather wait in line for Top Gun at Great America or something.

Does anybody have other vegan ice cream/sorbet/gelato/popsicle recommendations in the Mission and beyond?

*Sorry, but that’s what they taste like to me!!!

[photo via sjsharktank]

5 thoughts on “Mission Vegan: Cool as ice (cream)”

  1. It’s probably not locally-made, but I LOVE the Coconut Bliss “ice cream” made from coconut milk. I get it at Canyon Market and eat it ALL the time, and I’m not even vegan!

    1. Oh man, is that the Luna & Larry’s ice cream? SO GOOD. They’re located in Eugene, I think. Same coast!

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