Farina’s opulent bathroom is a good place to piss during a dire bladder moment

Asked about her favorite interesting SF bathrooms, our pal Elly offers some sage advice:

i would never set foot in FARINA except to piss in their bathroom during a dire bladder moment.  which has only happened once, and i was conflicted about even peeing in their bathroom because i see FARINA as a psychogeographic symbol of various things which have been taken from san francisco over the past 7 to 10 years. anyway, the bathroom is upstairs and it’s really opulent. [link]

I will surely keep that in mind, especially now that Dolores Park’s new bathrooms are facing delays. Anyway, here’s a peek inside:

Looks cool.

[Photo by binkitybonk]

8 thoughts on “Farina’s opulent bathroom is a good place to piss during a dire bladder moment”

  1. TO CLARIFY that is not me in the photo. i would hate that poor woman in the photo to be mistaken for someone who thinks about psychogeography while peeing

    1. why oh why can’t we have posts of people saying stupid shit with pictures of their actual selves so we can mock them in person???!!!

  2. I’m not used to seeing a woman take a picture of herself in a bathroom mirror with her clothes on. I don’t like it.

  3. Farina is pretty awesome. My roommate, Latino, Mission-raised, agrees. Of course, all we need are more hipsters from middle class families moving into the Mission from who-the-fuck-cares where telling us what is wrong with a really good, authentic restaurant with possibly the coolest outdoor space in the city…

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