Mission Vegan: Brrrunch part 2 (Something other than Boogaloos!)

Brunch can be difficult if you’re vegan, but us Mission vegans are pretty lucky when it comes to this oh-so-beloved meal that comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. Not only do we have the old standards like St. Francis and Boogaloos, but we’ve been getting some awesome pop-up brunches. This weekend, B12: Bomb Vegan Brunch is serving up waffles, scrambles, and more at Little Baobab (menu is on Facebook invite). Oh snap, and they have bottomless mimosas! I’ve been to two of their brunches and both times they’ve been spot-on. And how could you not love a vegan brunch named after the vitamin vegans are always accused of lacking?

Afterwards, if you’re still hungry, you can head over to Oakland for the Eat Real Festival. My other favorite vegan brunch pop-up, Hella Vegan Eats, will be there, as well as a few other veganish places. Vegansaurus posted this handy list of vegan options at the festival. If you can handle the foodie masses and the fact that they have something called “Meatopia,” it could be fun. Just stay away from those backyard farming people.

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