Mission Vegan: Satan worshipping

You know I meant seitan! This joke has been done a million times on a million vegan menus. Just kidding!! A million vegan menus is something that will only happen when hell freezes over. The Mission, however, is abundant with seitan-based dishes with diabolic names. So light a black candle and get your cloven hooves on these demonic, gluten-y treats:

  • The Hell Fish Taco (Dante’s Weird Fish): Seitan, avocado, and pico de gallo in a taco formation.
  • Devil Burger (St. Francis): Seitan piled on top of a vegan burger? Well, okay!
  • Satan’s Philly Cheese-fake (Bender’s): The most evil thing about this sandwich is the number cocktails I seem to accompany it with.

Happy Halloweek! Here’s a Mercyful Fate song:

[image via cross_stitch_ninja]

5 thoughts on “Mission Vegan: Satan worshipping”

  1. I just had the seitan Pphilly at Bender’s! It was amazing – I was shocked at how much I loved it.

    An evil amount of cocktails ensued and an evil hangover at work the next morning. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT FOR THE SANDWICH!

      1. Someone tricked me into eating half of one of those as a joke and it was close to the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten.

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