SF Giants Win; San Francisco is on fire

san francisco, giants, sf giants, world series, baseball, 2012, fire, sports, mission district, riot, wtf, riots, 19 street, mission street, beauty bar

san francisco, giants, sf giants, world series, baseball, 2012, fire, sports, mission district, riot, wtf, riots, 19 street, mission street, beauty bar

san francisco, giants, sf giants, world series, baseball, 2012, fire, sports, mission district, riot, wtf, riots, 19 street, mission street, beauty bar

san francisco, giants, sf giants, world series, baseball, 2012, fire, sports, mission district, riot, wtf, riots, 19 street, mission street, beauty bar

49 thoughts on “SF Giants Win; San Francisco is on fire”

  1. Hi Mike – I was in Vancouver when the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals and there were mad riots everywhere. Vancouver’s a beautiful city and I hated to see what the vandals were doing to it – one thing that cleaned up the mess (and helped prevent subsequent outbreaks) was creating a Facebook page where the public could upload photos and then later have others tag individuals they knew in the midst of committing crimes. (A lot of – “hey..that’s my ex-bf, his name is X, goes to Y school and he’s a jerk”)

    So I’ve taken a couple of your photos (hope you don’t mind) and posted them up there. If you think this is a good idea perhaps help me spread the word and then others can post their photos to and identify anyone that painting SF with the wrong brush.

    1. This was an amazing night.

      If you can, please keep your snitchery to yourself. Also, keep in mind that this was a bonfire and not a riot. stupid.

      People have fun, life goes on.

      1. @Bill: “snitchery”? wow are you lame. People are setting fires and destroying things. Those who do damage should be held responsible. I understand that at your maturity level (“people have fun”), the concept of responsibility is difficult to understand. But let’s be clear — there is nothing wrong with people reporting crime. And, if you consider that “snitchery”, that is probably because you are just a loser who doesn’t want to get caught. You really need to grow up — there is nothing “amazing” about property damage.

      2. Dude. The general mood of too many of those “kidz” in the Mission was “let’s party as hard as possible”, and the Giants were a mere conduit; an afterthought.

        We didn’t burn anything down in the Lower Haight–just gathered in the streets at Fillmore and Haight between the bars, honked horns, set off old July 4th fireworks, drank lots of beer and yelled to each other about the game for a couple of hours. Burning stuff in the street crosses the line into anti-civil nihilism. Totally unnecessary for a good time.

      3. sounds like you were in two places at once, moderniste.

        & i’m glad the mission wasn’t like the lower haight. i guess it’s not a good time unless it’s like your good time?

        i generally hate cops, but i’ll say that they handled it like pros. they monitored the action, let it wind down on its own, & then pulled the plug.

        the cops saw the fires & let them rage anyway. & the fuel for the fires was mostly shit that was already on the street (like the bus, j/k). actually, the bus burned near the ball park, not the mission. & there’s nothing wrong with a fire in the street every once in a while. (you white people are so uptight sometimes.)

        if the cops get the guys that did the horrendous shit, good on them. it shows that they’re doing their job for a change. but if you want to be barney fife & collect pics for the pigs to generate leads, you’re fucking mad.

        oh, & moderniste, your handle, pic, & blog aren’t even the slightest bit pretentious.

      4. Alrighty. Now I’m giggling that you thought my avatar was “pretentious”, since it’s obviously SO SERIOUS in intention.

        @moto-waki, life must be very very po-faced for ya, son.

    2. i’m skeptical that a facebook page curbed further destruction during the vancouver riots.

      if people help you in your quest to snitch, i hope that they have a good reason to besides fearing that sf residents will be painted with the wrong brush.

      that argument is just lame.

      1. yeah, so i followed the link to the fb page you started & it looks like you’re into being a dick.

        “Rioters Suck: Upload your pics Some of these may be 2010 but let’s get an exhaustive list nonetheless”.

        i think you are either a pig troll or citizen snitch.

        (although the guy with the smashed windshield was probably bummed)

      2. Well, yeah, more or less. Except, for “snitch project”, read “Neighborhood Pride Project”. Pisser.

      3. Anybody who uses the term “snitch” is a dick. Basically you think that is OK for people to riot and destroy things and that they should not be held responsible for their actions. If you believe that, then you are as big a dick as they person doing the destruction.

      4. Agreed. Frankly I can’t believe any of the “anti-snitching” commenters see any irony in using a term most closely associated with gang activity and “snitches get stitches” campaigns (read as, “don’t snitch or we’ll hunt you down and kill you”) by certain groups to keep locals terrorized.

      5. of all the words that mean the same as snitch, snitch is still the best. it does double-duty as a verb & a noun, it rolls off the tongue, & it’s colorful & efficient. i think those of you that are hypersensitive to this word may have watched one too many episodes of OZ.

      6. @moto-waki: unfortunately, “snitch” also has pejorative connotations (which I think you are deliberately ducking) that render it more useful to the criminal element of society. The word is useless to the average good citizen.

      1. bob, who wrote this for you?

        i know it wasn’t you beacause everything was spelled correctly & it almost made sense.

      2. yep, i don’t really care about the riot. i think a lot of people had a fun time, & a minority of people were determined to fuck shit up. the outcome was not unexpected.

        the cops will (& already have) identify some of the more destructive revellers. that’s their fucking job. i guess i don’t have a hard-on for vandals like you do, so i will continue to not give a shit & leave that work to the fuzz.

        i haven’t heard any reports of people getting shot or beaten up, just property damage. i can appreciate that. the property will be repaired.

      3. UPDATE!

        check myself- i read that a dude got beat up defending the bus. there was a pic of him & he didn’t seem too busted up about it.

    1. This is freaking San Francisco, a beautiful and chill/mellow place, NOT a fronting-tough ghetto, and NOBODY wants it to be. Being a thug just don’t make it here.


      1. What the hell are you talking about? Yes SF is beautiful and pretty chill, but there are plenty of thugs, and a big enough ghetto element in SF, particularly in areas like the Mission…who do you think was responsible for a bunch of the 70+ fires that were set that night, and who do you think the multiple people were who got arrested for weapons violations that night? Yuppies?

      2. Obviously Moderniste, you know nothing beyond your own own little click. Thugging is here is strong. Don’t generalize.

    1. hey, i didn’t win the world series & i didn’t fuck anything up. i just got a quesodilla at el faralito, and observed shit along the way. & if shit was so out of hand, why did i see so many fucking families? maybe because those people were actually in the mission & weren’t as threatened IRL as all of you are behind your fucking computer screens.

      pics tell a different story from actually being there, in case you didn’t know.

      1. You are the idiot I am talking about.

        Burning a bus, trashing businesses and cars…it is called vandalism. I was there and people were acting like fools.

        No shit you didn’t win a world series. That takes dedication.

        Just because there were some families about does not mean people were not vandalizing everything. Moto-waki, not sure – wack fits the bill.

      2. THE BURNING BUS WAS NOT IN THE MISSION. i only speak for what i saw while i was in the thick of it, IN THE MISSION.

        if you had read the thread you’d know that as a resident of the mission, i wasn’t bothered by the celebration. the chaos of the event has been hyped to a degree. things could have been so much worse as far as property damage & people hurt than what has been reported. i think the city did a pretty good job at managing the situation & cleaning it up afterward. & i’m not the biggest fan of authority, either.

        i never condoned,endorsed, or participated in any destruction. but i am vocal with my reluctance to conspire with the cops when they plant a link on the neighborhood blog that i read. if you want to be a stooge for the pigs, go for it. just don’t be blind.

  2. maybe”we”needed black bloc..to come down and tell them THEY werent “welcome”in the neighborhood..”cats”from black bloc(or block)..come on back an redeem yourselves!!!!MOTO-WAKI???!!! what da fuckee!!!another newbie appears on the set with all his brilliant observations..we gonna have some fun with you;son..and of course all you :PRO FUCK THE MISSION UP TYPES..aint found many of you who actually live here with the rest of us..(ya listenin..black bloc?)

      1. I understood completely…maybe you should try. We didn’t ALL go to an Eastern Literary Boarding School, you trustafarian kook.

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