Mission Vegan: SanJalisco!

Flautas/sopes at SanJalisco. My food photography sucks.

I can’t even keep up with all the new restaurants on Valencia anymore. But who cares because South Van Ness is where it is at in terms of culinary delights (hi, Whiz Burger). SanJalisco (formerly known as Los Jarritos) is an old standard in the Mission at 20th and SVN and a longtime favorite of mine. It is never too crowded, the staff is friendly, and the menu has an illustration of a friendly goat waiter. Oh yeah, and you can get not one, but two dishes made vegan AAAAND you can get them in a combo plate! The potato flautas and cactus sopes combination plate is my jam and I’m pretty sure it will cure any hangover. Just be sure to tell them “no dairy” because both come with cheese and sour cream. They’re used to us crazy vegans at this point so they’re chill and understanding about special requests.

For some masochistic reason, I subjected myself to Yelp and saw that people were hating on SanJalisco due to the fact that they don’t serve margaritas. Shut up, Yelpers! If you’re really desperate for a margarita, just hit up Muzio’s market beforehand and buy a can of The Club Margarita and an airport bottle of tequila and drink it on the way there. OR stop being a dork and order a Negra Modelo or Bohemia–both are vegan!

They also specialize in birria dishes (hence the friendly goat waiter mascot–boohoo) and other non-veg dishes so it is a good spot to go with friends/family of all different eating persuasions.

31 thoughts on “Mission Vegan: SanJalisco!”

  1. I’m not vegan, but thanks for the reminder of SanJalisco (always Los Jarritos in my heart!)

    Chilaquiles tomorrow!

    1. Their steak chilaquiles are pretty good. Not Mission Kitchen good, of course, but still pretty dang good.

    1. What’s ew? Almost everything on that plate looks good, with the possible exception of a potato flauta. I’ve never had a potato flauta, so I can’t really say from personal experience, but it sounds as if it would be boring? But the rest of the stuff (Beans, tortillas, salad, guac, nopales) seems like it would be tasty all on its own.

      1. That is amazing, I forgot about that! Funny thing is, whenever I see Herr Doktor has commented on something, I immediately hear Jerri Blank screaming “I’ve got something to say!”

    1. Wait, why would that would make you sad? A veggie taco is a pretty standard menu item here. Do you get sad every time you walk into a taqueria? That would suck!!

      1. Maybe kiya is one of those people who believe that Mexican food made without manteca falls short. I’m too much of a fusionist to go along with that, but I can understand their feelings.

        Goat (curried goat!) is groovy, but I’d be just as happy with a taco filled with shreds of grilled portabello and tofu sauteed in chili oil.

    2. I’m Latino and healthier food makes me happy. My people have serious issues with poor diets, especially in the States.

  2. I once told my mom I was dating a vegan and she said, “mijo, ella no come carne?? Pero ¿por qué?

    White people should not complain about ANYTHING SanJalisco serves because they are going above & beyond trying to make you newbies happy.

  3. “they also specialize in birria dishes (hence the friendly goat waiter mascot–boohoo)” good guess but i’m sure the goat theme has more to do with the fact that the main futbol team of Jalisco is the Chivas (goats)…

    1. Do you work there? I’m not trying to be a jerk–just curious. I’ve asked before, but who knows. I know that most guacamole at taquerias isn’t…

      1. What goes in Guacamole that makes it non-vegan? Do some places put crema in it or something?

      2. Yeah, a few places do. I think some of the prepared guacamole spices have whey in them as well. I can usually taste the dairy right away though and I never noticed it at SanJalisco. And like I said, I’ve asked… So I dunno if this person is just being a troll, or what.

      3. Interesting. It would never have occurred to me to put crema in guac. Seems unnecessary.

      4. If you’re worried about traces of whey in guacamole spices, you really are a puritan. Ought to be cooking for yourself rather than pestering restaurants about their recipes.

      5. Where did I say that I was pestering anybody? It isn’t okay to politely ask questions at restaurants?

        I posted a positive thing about a restaurant I really like. Somebody asked about guacamole not being vegan and I answered. That’s all.

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