Dawn Penn pre-party at the Makeout Room tonight

First of all, if you don’t know Dawn Penn, she is the singer on this classic reggae scorcher (which uses the tritone to great effect): She’s playing in Oakland at the Uptown (not to be confused with the bar on Capp St.) tomorrow night, backed by the bay’s own ska rocksteady group Franco Nero. There’s a … Continue reading “Dawn Penn pre-party at the Makeout Room tonight”

All the songs I sang at karaoke last night

It started as an accident and then spiraled out of control: Eloise – The Damned Delilah – Tom Jones Dawn – The Four Seasons Julia – The Beatles Veronica – Elvis Costello Beth – KISS Jolene – Dolly Parton Valerie – Amy Winehouse It was awesome. Support your local karaoke night! (In the Mission we … Continue reading “All the songs I sang at karaoke last night”

Life as a Google Bus driver

SF Gate reports: For Brandon Barlow, life as a Google bus driver was one endless cycle of traffic and exhaust. He left home before dawn and arrived home late, after long hours spent shuttling Google employees back and forth on Highway 101. And Barlow wasn’t paid for the hours he had to wait around near Google … Continue reading “Life as a Google Bus driver”

Nonstop northern soul!

Speaking of soul, renowned local DJ Wam Bam Ashleyanne just debuted a project long in the works, a 24/7 streaming channel for NPR Music devoted to a very specific kind of soul, northern soul: It’s been 40 years since the first all-night R&B party at the Wigan Casino nightclub outside Manchester, England. The doors didn’t open … Continue reading “Nonstop northern soul!”

What’s it like living alone out in the avenues?

Local commuter David Enos shares some insights: This living alone out in the avenues business is a weird thing.  It’s isolated out here.  Been waking up from bad dreams, finding myself staring at such things as Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara’s imdb pages until dawn, then getting in another hour or two of sleep before … Continue reading “What’s it like living alone out in the avenues?”

The ’90s come back to life tonight at Debaser’s ‘Greatest Hits Edition’

I asked DJ Jamie Jams to send me a video that would sum up his expectations for tonight’s very special party. Here it is: Here are some relevant details from the official invite: We’ve accumulated a lot of random stuff in three years of doing 90’s theme parties. Come and hear us put the whole … Continue reading “The ’90s come back to life tonight at Debaser’s ‘Greatest Hits Edition’”

NEWS FLASH: Nobody Likes to Write Essays

Ok, maybe I was asking a little much when I demanded  200-word-or-less essays for two (2) free tickets to the awesome event happening at the Cal Academy of Sciences this Saturday, DAWN 2010, featuring Fool’s Gold, Gary Shteyngart, and more. So, we’re going to make things a little easier for you:  Science-themed music videos!  In … Continue reading “NEWS FLASH: Nobody Likes to Write Essays”

Win FREE Tickets to Party Like It’s Shavuot at the Cal Academy of Sciences

Since the beerdolero haiku contest is ending today, we’re throwing another one out there for our faithful readers. In anticipation of the Jewish holiday of hanging out, Shavuot, the Cal Academy of Sciences is collaborating with Reboot and Tablet magazine to host DAWN 2010, a late-night kaleidoscope of cultural arts and such.  Check out this awesome … Continue reading “Win FREE Tickets to Party Like It’s Shavuot at the Cal Academy of Sciences”

Sunday Night Stick Up on 20th/Folsom

Whoa!  Linda writes in about being held up Sunday night: Me and a coupla pals were on our way home from my bachelor party on Sunday night at about 1 or 1:30am. I of course was lit up like a Christmas tree so the details are a little fuzzy. Long story short – we got … Continue reading “Sunday Night Stick Up on 20th/Folsom”

Drew Goes to Dolores Park

Drew Hoolhorst, my new favorite San Francisco blogger, spent yesterday afternoon in Dolores Park: I was hanging out this afternoon in Dolores Park and a few things dawned on me: Dolores Park is essentially the crowd for a Phish show that has no idea that Phish is not coming. And that they are not at … Continue reading “Drew Goes to Dolores Park”

Stacey’s Time of the Month Special: One Biscuit, Covered With Gravy, Sprinkled With Cheese, and One Egg on Top $1.95

Reader Clux just breathed new life into the comments thread on Throwback — Mission 1989: Man New Dawn is where me and my friends grew up, Everyday after high school we would go kick it there and drink coffee for hours..They would give us any orders they fucked up on. My friend got and still … Continue reading “Stacey’s Time of the Month Special: One Biscuit, Covered With Gravy, Sprinkled With Cheese, and One Egg on Top $1.95”