Support your local Magic Curry Kart!

Magic Curry Kart, probably the first popup we ever wrote about, back before we even knew they were called popups, is endeavoring to expand its operations. Here’s part of the pitch, straight from founder Brian Kimball: Five years ago I started the Magic Curry Kart.  Inspired by the delicious food I experienced on my travels … Continue reading “Support your local Magic Curry Kart!”

Magic Curry Kart debuts Thai basil burgers on Cinco de Mayo

Last night the Magic Curry Kart debuted its latest creation, the Thai basil burger – and it may be the best cross-cultural food mash-up since Zante’s Indian pizza. $5 a pop nets you a patty piled high with Thai basil, Sriracha mayo, mushrooms and deep-fried shallots – flavors that fuse to form a taste trifecta … Continue reading “Magic Curry Kart debuts Thai basil burgers on Cinco de Mayo”

Brand New Mission Hotspot: Magic Curry Kart

Came across the following tweet by katherine: “magic curry kart inaugural night – linda at 19th. future mission hotspot. $5 recession red & green curry”(Link). We contacted her friend NatalieHG who provided us with clarification and the above photo: Debut last night- Brian has 2 woks & gas burners on a burningman cart. Green or … Continue reading “Brand New Mission Hotspot: Magic Curry Kart”

Magic Curry Man on at Noon

Today’s Burrito Justice Radio guest on, your award-winning Internet radio station? The Magic Curry Man himself. Tune in at noon! We’ll be talking about his Magic Curry Paste Kickstarter, maps, the neighborhood, cooking classes, and more. UPDATE: Thanks for listening everyone! The archive of this week’s show is now up.  

Update: Magic Curry Man Starting Vietnamese-Style Rice Porridge Venture

SFoodie is better at journalism than I am. Mission Mission wasn’t too far off, actually — at least as far as region goes. Instead of Vietnamese noodles, Magic Curry’s Brian Kimball confirmed the possible November debut of a new menu offering of Vietnamese-style rice porridge (cháo), an item he will make in collaboration with Mai … Continue reading “Update: Magic Curry Man Starting Vietnamese-Style Rice Porridge Venture”

Rumormonger: Magic Curry Man Starting New Vietnamese Noodle Venture

I managed to make my way over to the Magic Curry Kart to check out his epically delicious new pumpkin curry when I overheard that his employment situation (corroborated by NBC Bay Area) is allowing him to start a new Vietnamese noodle venture.  If this is anywhere near as good as the curry, I’ll finally … Continue reading “Rumormonger: Magic Curry Man Starting New Vietnamese Noodle Venture”

Wanna Get Away?

Might I suggest Jet Travel for your color-coordinated jet-setting needs?  Not impressed?  Well then, head up the street to their obvious nemesis, Jet Peru. Oh, and if you’re going there this evening (from 6-8pm), take a moment to stop by Fabric8 next door for art and street food from the likes of Magic Curry Kart … Continue reading “Wanna Get Away?”

Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf

This nugget of win just came screaming into my inbox. In response to the Magic Curry Kart starting a new Vietnamese porridge venture: fuck white crackers with their start business loans and white cracker investors appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf and getting published in magazines and … Continue reading “Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf”

This month in Mission Mission: March

Part of reworking the site was combing through 4 years of Mission Mission posts. There has been some good stuff. Every 1st, I’m going to bring you this month’s posts of yesteryear! 2010 SF Gate got its feelings hurt by Mission bartenders, cried to mommy about it It snowed last year, too! If you count … Continue reading “This month in Mission Mission: March”

Food Cart Meet-Up

Still undecided about dinner tonight?  Perhaps it may be time to check out this street food scene you’ve been hearing about.  The carts are allegedly gathering in the usual nook by 19th and Linda at 6pm and will probably be there until they get rained on. You have @magiccurrykart sporting both chicken and veggie Thai … Continue reading “Food Cart Meet-Up”