Mission and 24th St, 1951

The most excellent Outside Lands just published a few hundred very awesome SF Assessors photos from 1951, complete with a handy map. “A local historian… saved them from being discarded in the early 1980s.” (Let’s hear it for local historians.)

Here’s the southwest corner of Mission and 24th, now the BART plaza.

Pat’s is a pretty sweet looking coffee shop.

Hey let’s grab a drink at the Green Lantern on 24th!

Oh wait they tore it down for a hair salon, dammit. New rule: don’t tear down a bar called the Green Lantern.


@kevinmonty posted a Green Lantern matchbook cover over at Uptown:

Many many more photos over at Outside Lands.

Dolores Beach

A grumpy commenter suggested Mission Mission shouldn’t be posting about the beach.

Little does Mr. Grumperton realize that we are actually preparing for sea level rise and the glorious arrival of Dolores Beach!

This via @DnomadB‘s most excellent (experimental) sea level rise mapping tool.

Precita beach looks pretty nice now that I think of it. Maybe we can catch a ride over there on a taco boat.

More San Francisco sea level rise scenarios (including some awesome place names IMHO) over here.


Magic Curry Man on BFF.fm at Noon

Today’s Burrito Justice Radio guest on BFF.fm, your award-winning Internet radio station? The Magic Curry Man himself. Tune in at noon!

magic curry kart, thai burger, basil burger, food, hamburger, food cart, san francisco, mission district

We’ll be talking about his Magic Curry Paste Kickstarter, maps, the neighborhood, cooking classes, and more.

UPDATE: Thanks for listening everyone! The archive of this week’s show is now up.


Sad Pot Bear

Imagine my surprise to see a dude dressed as a bear trying (and failing) to get into the Bernal Heights La Lengua Dispensary.

I love the look on the last frame.



One of those days where you get to play “Is it Halloween or just San Francisco?”

Sadly I missed two epic moments — one of him as the door was opened, with his arms spread wide, and another with his head slung low after the door was closed.

A still shot for posterity. God speed, pot bear.


The Mission, not the hoodiest hood

Behold the results of the SF hoodie survey!

Based on the 500+ people who responded, it looks like San Franciscans (at least those who read blogs) own approximately 4 hoodies per person (though there’s a long tail of many SFians more than 10.) The Outerlands lay claim to hoodie per capita, seemingly out of thermal necessity. Using Nate Silver precision, we can extrapolate and jump to the conclusion there are over 3 million hoodies in San Francisco, making it the predominate life form in our city.

Of course, this poll was heavily weighted towards the Mission.

More over at Burrito Justice, including an interactive map.


Enumerating Hoodies

Esteemed Mission writer @brittneyg asks an extremely important question about San Francisco:

An illuminating Twitter discussion followed — more here — and thanks to @therealWBTC, we are collecting DATA — how many hoodies do you own?

Do hoodies outnumber San Franciscans? Add your zip code and we can answer that eternal question — who has more hoodies, the Mission or Outer Sunset? And how many dogs have hoodies?

Sky, meet π

Sirron Norris brings us these curious digits over the Mission:

Is this a new song (perhaps a follow-up to Jenny)? Or is it the next SF police chief’s salary? Maybe Craigslist’s new Missed Connections format?

None of the above — it’s π!

An artistic presentation of sky calligraphy, called Pi in the Sky, the world’s largest ephemeral art installation, will occur on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 between 11:45am and 1:30pm PT (weather permitting). At 10,000 feet above the skies of the San Francisco Bay Area, five synchronized skywriting planes will draw the first 1000 digits of the infinite sequence of pi (π) – the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The event is a community-building civic art experience, yet it also underscores the importance of math and science in our lives.

Now I’m hungry, and Pi Bar doesn’t open until 3:14, dammit.