Pica Pica wall keeps changing


But these guys are not half-assing it. Solid art.

Kevin sees the new piece as homophobic, depicting Dan Plasma as a feminine tiger (sitting on flowers, long eyelashes). We know there’s controversy here. We know how Mike Giant feels about it. In a way it’s pretty amazing to be able to watch a dialogue play out through amazing artwork on a wall. We just wish it came with less beef.


I was walking from Potrero to the Mission yesterday and came across an empty car seat, facing out toward my neighborhood and I wondered, is it true? Are babies coming to the Mission? It’s a neighborhood that is no stranger to change. The Irish settled here to raise families, as did the Latin Americans, but the newer wave of artsy-hip kids mostly came on their own, leaving the idea of parenthood back home with their parents. But now, as their random hookups start moving in and they can stave off adulthood no more, will they decide to start their families here, or move out to the suburbs to make way for the next group?