The best way to get into a sold out show is to be famous at Mission Cliffs

Last night my friend Jess wanted to see Cursive with me at the Great American, but it (like so much of Noise Pop 2012) was sold out when we got there. We went around the corner for a beer at Edinburgh Castle, and then walked back so she could pick up her bike and just maybe get a ticket from someone once more people had arrived.

Cursive were standing on the street, in front of the O’Farrell Theatre, and we joked about asking them to get her in. Instead she decided to head home and I went inside.

Five minutes later, there she was! While she was unlocking her bike, some guy came up to her and asked if she needed a ticket:

Guy with ticket: Hey, do you need a ticket?
Jess: Yeah! But my friend just went inside with the money!
Guy with ticket: Oh that’s okay, my friends already paid me and anyway I can just get it from you at Mission Cliffs.

And Jess had no idea who he was. People in San Francisco really are nice!

If you missed Cursive, or otherwise haven’t had your fill of the emo on offer at this year’s festival, Christie Front Drive is playing Saturday at Café du Nord. Tickets and details here.

Diary TONIGHT at Pop’s

You may have heard that Diary, everyone’s favorite emo night, is moving to Saturday nights. The first one is tonight: 9 PM at Pop’s. Don’t miss out, Emo karaoke is the perfect opportunity to show off that you can still sing along with every word in Cop by Alkaline Trio!

If you’re confused by emo, the Diary guys put together a great mix for SF Weekly. Personally, I’m hoping to hear Embrace, Mineral, and Knapsack tonight.

P.S. You guys remember the Emo Game, right? (Disclaimer: I don’t support what I remember to be the rampant, messed up use of rape in the storyline. I’m in it for the pixel drawings and 7-inches.)

Moon Duo in-store at Aquarius tonight at 6 PM

Just read over on the Bay Bridged that Moon Duo is doing an in-store at Aquarius tonight at 6 PM.

You can hear one of their new songs over at the Bay Bridged, check it out.

If you can’t make the in-store, they’re playing Bottom of the Hill tonight with Royal Baths and Lilac, who were pretty rad when I heard them for the first time at this show a couple weeks ago

[Photo via Moon Duo’s MySpace]

Metal at Potrero del Sol this afternoon

Blood, Bath, & Beyond Day is a “metal generator show” at Potrero del Sol this afternoon from noon to 5:30. Facebook says there’s a free bag of Cheetos for the first 30 people to show up, but it’s BYO soda-pop.

Look at how beautiful it is outside! You know you could use a quick break from Dolores.

[Thanks, Lorenzo!]


Springtime means barefoot splashing in possibly hazardous Dolores Park pond

Ciudad de Rad has this adorable video of kids puddle splashing in Dolores Park. We don’t exactly have harsh winters, but this still means spring is here, right?! Click to watch:

Looks like fun! Although on second thought, I might have some health and safety questions about this particular giant sandbox…


Noise Pop’s Culture Club should happen all the time

The day after having our minds and eardrums blown by No Age (and company), we got to see them talk with designer Brian Roettinger of Hand Held Heart at Noise Pop’s Culture Club at Public Works. They went into detail on their album art design process, including a history of record covers through the ages and lots of stories about their time growing up in the LA punk scene, and then they showed us this great slide of David Letterman holding their album:

We think Noise Pop should host Culture Club more often! What better way to recover from a show than seeing your favorite artists up close talking about their work? Allan’s first Culture Club suggestion was a panel of all those new bands with “surfer” in their name, or who use surfing and hanging at the beach in their music and imagery. Are they really all surfers? Do they listen to Dick Dale and the Del-Tones? We want to know!

So, Noise Pop, can you guys make this happen? Invite every cool band that plays in town to hang out the next day and talk about their process or their extracurricular activities or whatever? Hey readers, what do you guys want to see and hear?

In other news, my bike’s brake was stolen while parked on Mission outside of Public Works! It wouldn’t have saved my brake (who steals a used brake?), but Public Works would really benefit from more bike parking. So, Public Works, can you get some bike racks?

Oh and if you want to watch No Age’s rad performance on Letterman, check it out.

[Photo by Honey Jets]

Grass Widow kicks Rickshaw Stop’s ass, covers my favorite Wire song

Grass Widow were one of the openers for No Age the other night at the Rickshaw Stop. They totally held their own playing in between two more aggro bands (Rank/Xerox and No Age), and won me over forever by covering Mannequin by Wire. Here they are playing the same cover at Bottom of the Hill a few months ago:

Seriously, check them out next time they’re playing San Francisco (they’re locals!), before everyone discovers them and they blow up or something. Hey Noise Pop, thanks for putting together such an awesome line up.

Putting 11 People Onstage at Bottom of the Hill Is Awesome

I caught two nights of Noise Pop at Bottom of the Hill. Those are a lot of Bottom of the Hill hours. So it was pretty cool when Typhoon, a band I knew nothing about, was the most memorable. They had 11 people on stage — two full drum kits! The Tens noticed some other details as well:

The keyboardist dressed up as the internet. One drummer had a ponytail.

Read on.

Remember, there are still three days of Noise Pop so don’t miss out. I hear there are like, ten people in Battlehooch so maybe you can see a bunch of musicians crammed onto the Bottom of the Hill stage, too.