Elixir serves up a mean “vodka salad” at the MM Bloody Marython

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There’s a reason Elixir calls their weekend bloody mary special a “vodka salad bar”: at your disposal is a rack full of spices, a cabinet’s worth of sauces, and there’s nothing to stop you from shoveling a plate of pickled veggies into your pint. The historic saloon’s extensive spread of ingredients makes it the perfect stop for those looking for a liquid lunch in a glass or complete control over the minutiae of bloody mary mixology.

Suggested listening: Journey – Any Way You Want It

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SoCal-style rolled tacos at Taqueria el Buen Sabor

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As many a southern transplant knows, it’s damn near impossible to find a decent plate of rolled tacos in San Francisco. Primarily the provenance of SoCal surf shacks, those golden cylinders of high-octane awesome heaped high with cheese and guacamole are few and far between in The Mission’s culinary burritoscape.

For everyone who’s ever craved a clutch of fried taco glory, Taqueria el Buen Sabor has you covered. All of the essential components are there – crispy deep fried tacos inundated with a wanton mess of lechuga, crema, guacamole, and queso.

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Chicken feet headgear: hot in 2011?

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So, just in case you were wondering: the gentleman decked out in festive attire made from chicken feet and tinfoil wandering last Sunday’s Noise Pop & Shop at Public Works wasn’t some derelict who wandered in from under the overpass completely crazy. That was none other than visionary artist Jason Jaworski, fresh from the scene of his latest performance. See? Art – the more you know!

Via Arrested Motion

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Timbuk2 Has The Mission’s Ass Covered, Shells Out Free Rain Gear

timbuk2, freebies, giveaway, mission district, seat cover, viral marketing, free seat cover, san francisco, bike seat, rain cover

As a city cyclist, I count my blessings every time I go to mount up and my saddle hasn’t been stolen. Imagine my surprise today when I walked outside Atlas Cafe to unlock and found my seat had been upgraded with a snappy red rain cover! Of course, the altruistic act came with a pitch – Timbuk2‘s ninjas stealthily distributed the seat covers in support of a sale – but who can complain when a random act of kindness wards off a soggy bum? With this week’s dismal forecast we can all use an extra bit of shelter.

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The Average Lifespan of a Free Pauline’s Pizza in the Wild


Although well tempered to their natural environs, Pauline’s gourmet pizza pies were annihilated within seconds of leaving the womb during their 25th anniversary free pizza party this week. A freezing frenzy of pizza predators descended upon them, and as the video shows it wasn’t a pretty sight. The staff cranked out upwards of 300 pies over 3 hours – four times the average order for a Tuesday evening. Bravo, Pauline’s!

Mysterious Cheesecake Communiator Seeks Weekly Pen Pals

san francisco, mission district, message board, maxfield's house of caffeine, cheesecake communicator, analog text message

In case you wanted to know, Maxfield’s House of Caffeine at 17th/Dolores is now your go-to place for all “analog text message” cheesecake conventions. Commenter A should have done their homework, but we’ll forgive them because the analog message boards of yesteryear regrettably don’t come with Google built-in.

So how do you feel about digital cheesecake?

Wolverine Party

unionmade, wolverine, 1,000 mile boot, san francisco, mensware, fashion, workwear

It’s a man’s world, so break out the flannel and brush your beard this Thursday to hit up Unionmade‘s big boot debut. The rough-and-tumble mensware store is kicking off an brand new edition of Wolverine’s 1,000 mile boot with a workwear affair to rival a caber toss; but we know the real reason you’re going: the cocktails.