Don’t Bum Out that Cigarette–It’s a Trap!!!

Be careful when bumming out cigarettes to random strangers!  The SFAppeal Crime Blotter recounts a startling story that could happen to any of us:

10:40 PM: A man was at 21st and Capp when another man reportedly asked him for a cigarette — but that request was, seemingly, a diversion, as another man came up from behind the requestee and knocked him to the ground. The two men allegedly robbed the grounded guy of his cell phone, then fled on foot. The victim’s injuries weren’t serious, and no one’s been arrested.

The only solution seems to be outright scroogery regarding all street tobacco requests, or at the very least only buying hand-rolled from now on.  Wait, are people even bumming cigarettes out to strangers on the streets anymore?  Don’t they cost like 50 cents each or something?

Anyway, I’m excited about SFAppeal Crime Blotter’s new Google Maps mashup.  Very helpful for pinpointing exactly how close violent crime is happening next to you.  Let them know if you like it or think it’s obtrusively unnecessary.

[image courtesy of MissionLoc@l]

Update: Now with more Ackbar!

Tonight: Balkan Brass for Haiti @ El Rio

I know.  You want to do your part for Haiti, but you’ve already stuffed your face to the limit with Bi-Rite bake sale goodies and texted 90999 from your mom’s cellphone at least twenty times.  Well, there’s more!

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti is hosting a benefit tonight at El Rio (Mission @ Caesar Chavez) featuring quite a diverse collection of musical performances.  Headlining is Brass Menažeri, a frenetic, cascading rhythm of Serbian, Macedonian, Greek & Rajasthani Roma.

Other acts include the percussive jazzy stylings of Ezra Lipp and Ofir Uzier; Sean Lee with some one-man-banjo old timey twanging; Arthur Adams strumming some Haitian pop guitar (H-Pop>J-Pop?); and of course the Mission’s own La Corde opening everything up with some loud punk rock.  Makes sense, right?

$1 PBR and $2 well drinks!  Determine your own legacy of generosity at the door with a sliding scale that starts at only $5.  The music begins promptly at 8pm.

Pretty Awesome Until You Get There

This high-riding cyclist, spotted outside Four Barrel, was able to generate admiration from members of both the cycling and motorbiking communities, groups who often find themselves at odds with one another (usually over disputes involving the bike lane).  While I tend to support anything that can elicit agreement between such diverse citizenry, and I applaud this guy for apparently commuting to work on such “cool shit,” I’ve got to wonder:

How is he going to get off of this thing?  Does he need someone at his destination to hold the bike while he dismounts?  Does he just pedal up to a parked car and step off onto the hood?  Does he have to trackstand at every intersection since he can’t put his foot down?

These are questions that need to be answered!

<photo courtesy of Bikes and the City>

Mortified by Mixtapes

While not quite as bad as recounting your teenage diaries to strangers, the idea of someone judging your taste in music can induce squeamishness in even the most confident would-be DJs.

Nonetheless, the San Francisco Mixtape Society wants you to put those fears aside and check out its inaugural event at the Makeout Room on Sunday, January 31 from 4-6pm.  They propose a “Secret Santa” gathering where everybody who brings a mixtape leaves with one created by someone else.  Of course, there will be JUDGES and prizes to entice along the way.  No word yet on whether the $2 Pabst and $3 well happy hour prices will be in effect, but early indications are favorable.

USBs and CDs are acceptable, but Cassettes are marriageable, apparently.  We’re letting you know about this early so you can get to work!  The theme is “Cities vs. Towns,” but I already suspect my extensive ABBA collection will be the deciding factor here.

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Rainy Weather Remedy

What to do when the forecast is calling for rain all week to go with the already dreary January temperature?  Why not try the Mission’s answer to hot chocolate, a nice steaming cup of CHAMPURRADO.  A soul-warming melange of  hominy masa, piloncillo, cinnamon, chocolate, and milk; this beverage is available at several places in the area but my favorite source is the doorway stand at Taqueria Vallarta ($2).

There’s just something innately wholesome about being served this thick, rich beverage and walking off into the evening being comforted by its warm and wafting embrace.  Of course you could also just hang out in the restaurant and sample the delicacies of “Noah’s Ark” while checking out the acid binge that is their mural.

Paving the Way for the Korrito

You knew it was only a matter of time before all that KogiBBQ hype found its way to the Mission, and now you get to see what all the fuss is about (provided you haven’t tracked down SF’s own version somewhere in the FiDi, Kung Fu Tacos).

Already known as the closest competition of Pal’s Takeaway for “Best Sandwich bought from a liquor store,” Rhea’s Deli (19th and Valencia) has expanded their menu from the already delicious Katsu Pork and Korean Steak sandwiches to embrace the ongoing “Mexicanization” of Asian food.

The next logical step:  Korean Burritos anyone?

Photo by Lolia S. via Yelp

(Via SFoodie)

Food Cart Meet-Up

Still undecided about dinner tonight?  Perhaps it may be time to check out this street food scene you’ve been hearing about.  The carts are allegedly gathering in the usual nook by 19th and Linda at 6pm and will probably be there until they get rained on.

You have @magiccurrykart sporting both chicken and veggie Thai curry; @EvilJerkcart serving up grilled Jamaican jerk chicken; @sexysoupcart ladling black bean, cumin, jalapeno soup (it does kind of look like soup weather outside);  and @thechaicart handing out, well, you know.

Stop by for a nice amalgamation of locally-prepared ethnic cuisine, or you can just hang out and let them know how pointless and pretentious you think this whole street food business is.  Your call.

Bonus:  20% of all proceeds go to Haiti Relief Effort