The Comic Book Guide to the Mission

This amazing cover was created by Chuck Whelon for an upcoming book called “the Comic Book Guide to the Mission”. There’s a release party for the book this Friday, March 11 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm at Mission Comics and Art.  I’m disappointed that Rob Liefeld didn’t make a submission, though. Maybe next year! Nonetheless, it will be a great time, here are the details:

Come celebrate the BRAND NEW “Comic Book Guide to the Mission”! Gather and meet many of the creators of this fabulous and entertaining neighborhood resource. Food! Drinks! Fun!

Featuring the talents of: Sean Chiki (Wunderkammer), Jamaica Dyer (Weird Fishes), Andrew Farago (The Cartoon Art MuseumWilliam Bazillion), Shaenon K. Garrity (NarbonicSkin Horse), Justin Hall (All Thumbs PressTrue Travel Tales, Glamazonia), Mario Hernandez (Love and RocketsCitizen Rex), Greg HinkleNomi Kane (Chutzpah!), Jonas Madden-Connor (Ochre Ellipse), Paul Madonna (All Over Coffee), Omar Mamoon (The Mission: Taco), Amy Martin(Bachelor GirlThe Single Girls), John MathisAindrila MukhopadhyayRoman Muradov (Sad Comics), Jen OaksAriel Schrag (Potential,LikewiseAriel and Kevin Invade Everything), Matt Stewart (The French Revolution), Alfred Twu (First Cultural Industries), Dan V. (American Objects), Geoff Vasile (Trackrabbit), Jeff WalkerMike White (Amity Blamity), Clint Woods (Fernetiquette), and Rick Worley (A Waste of Time). Plus, behold this amazing cover by Chuck Whelon (Pewfell).

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[via Mission Comics and Art]


Reminder: Noise Pop Culture Club Starts Right Now!

Noise Pop 2011 has been going strong for a few days now, but today marks the beginning of what they’re calling their flagship event. It takes place at Public Works right here in the Mission, and it’s an all-day affair featuring workshops and readings and a four-hour interactive drawing session. Here are details on a couple highlights:

REBAR is the organization behind Park(ing) Day, and my favorite parklet. Today, they host a brainstorming session:

All cities contain voids, loopholes, and niche spaces: pockets of unscripted wilderness that can be explored for their creative potential. Join Matthew Passmore, cofounder and principal of Rebar, for a brief overview of Rebar’s work followed by a workshop that invites participants to bring a photograph or description of a niche space from their own environment, whether urban, suburban, or rural. We will collectively brainstorm ways to occupy these niches in ways that fulfil unmet social needs and improve the quality of our shared habitat.

This will be a hands-on workshop of drawing, thinking, and discussion.

I mentioned this next item before, but just to recap, Nick Zinner (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is performing with some friends:

Please Take Me Off the Guest List is a multi-media presentation of the new book by Nick Zinner (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield. A slideshow of Nick’s photos from the book is accompanied by ambient music played by Nick and Stacy while Zachary reads stories.

Culture Club continues into Sunday as well. See here for the complete schedule and descriptions of every event.

Help Recreate the Secret Mission Dolores Mural

San Francisco’s oldest surviving building is Mission San Francisco de Asís. You know, that Mission on Dolores street that the Mission is named after? Yeah, that one.

In 2004, a hidden mural was uncovered by Ben Wood and Eric Blind  behind the building’s church altar. It was painted by Ohlone Indians under the enslavement supervision of Spanish missionaries in 1791. Ben Wood documented these findings and digitally captured the entire mural in this fascinating article at Found SF.

Now a kickstarter project has been created to resurrect the mural on the wall of Mission Market on 22nd and Bartlett. If funded, it will be painted by local artists Jet Martinez, Ezra Eismont, and Bunnie Reiss.

So if you want to see this piece of history recreated on a wall that looks pretty damn crappy right now, now’s your chance to pitch in! Here is a mock up of proposed recreation:

Check out the kickstarter page for more details a great video on the subject.

[via Jeremy Shaw of Mission Community Market]

Hot New Fetish: Girls Stirring Fondue While Wearing Ergonomic Elbow Sleeves

Some fetishists next to me in line for food at last night’s SFMOMA/Noise Pop event were real excited:

“Dude, check out the way she’s stirring the fondue.”

“I know. Dude, check out her ergonomic elbow sleeve.”

“Dude, I know.”

“Oh man.”

Wild stuff, right? Maybe it was all part of the art.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to Mission United!

Check it out! Public Works in a couple weeks is throwing a party devoted to the Mission. Several of your favorite DJs will be there (Yo, Primo!), along with good food and drink, and a fashion show. And it’s eight hours long!

Mission United
“A party celebrating all things Mission”..

For $5 admission, FREE FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS (between 8pm and 10pm) click attending on this page!

Public Works presents an 8 hour event celebrating our melting-pot neighborhood, San Francisco’s Mission district. Cherry-picking some of the best in music, performance, art, fashion and food. Mission United brings the sights and sounds of our favorite hood under one roof.

Proceeds of the event to benefit:
SF General Hospital // SF General’s Dr. Rick
Psychiatric Department Volunteer & Rehab Services
Root Division —
SFSmiles —

What’s more, we’re giving away free tickets. They say they’re celebrating “all things Mission,” so peruse the lineup and leave a comment below letting them know if they’ve forgotten anything key. The two best suggestions (as judged by us based on merit) will win a pair of tickets each. Contest ends Monday at 5pm.

See the full lineup, RSVP and invite your friends via the event’s official Facebook page.

Probably the Best Artist Q&A I’ve Ever Read

Open Space interviews Russian artist Anna Parkina, who appears at SF MoMA on Thursday evening as part of Noise Pop 2011:

Do you collect anything?

No. I have nothing to say about it. I don’t collect anything. Sorry.


What’s your favorite tool? Why?

I like tape. I very much like different kinds of tapes. I like glue, I like paper, and scissors.

What should I be asking you?

I’m Russian and when I go to another country, usually they ask me some questions about Russia and Russian politics and I’m surprised when it doesn’t happen this way. I would expect you to ask me this question.

Do you want to answer that question?


Read on. Do read on.

Event info here. RSVP and invite your friends here.

Naked Lady Returns to Homestead, New Naked Lady Security Measures Established

There is hope for humanity after all! Andrea sent us an update on the naked lady painting that was jacked from the Homestead last week:

Through our special bartending investigative methods, we were able to contact the guilty party who had rented the room that Monday night. After a few days, the painting was returned via messenger. We’re happy to have her back and will be taking further methods to assure that all the naked ladies in the bar are permanently secured to the walls. The woman who stole it has been permanently 86’d.

Hear that? Per the new policy, if you’re a lady and you plan on being naked at Homestead, you will be permanently secured to the wall. Keep your clothes on.