Sirron Norris I Num Muni

I can’t quite tell if this epic Sirron Norris painting is a paean to Muni past or a biting critique into present Muni woes.

(Is that a 26 Valencia floating off into the sunset? All I know is I’m loving that pickup truck.)

More Sirronographs on Telstar Logistics’ Flickr feed. Or visit the new Sirron Norris gallery on 26th and Valencia.

Small Morsels Of Art Tonight @ The Good Shop

Reader and artiste Donald Tetto says:

I’m involved in a big group art show of tiny works in a tiny space, The Good Shop at 22nd and Folsom…

Almost all the artists are from the Mission, and I’ll be selling a chapbook of my poems about the Mission at the opening. Great Valentine’s Day gift?! But other artists will be showing small photos, sketches, collages, and so on that are really fantastic.

Details at the facebook event page, and in the flyer:

True to V-day form, Donald adds:

Once you linked to one of my tweets: which was pretty helpful as a cute girl later said to me, “Hey, I saw your tweet on Mission Mission!”

He left out the part where she said, “God that site sucks now, when’s Allan coming back?”

The Poetry Store Will Save Your Unvalentining Ass

Tonight is your opportunity to a) support the arts and b) get yourself out of that Valentine’s day hole you’ve dug.

The Poetry Store is featured at Secession gallery’s show opening tonight, enhancing already awesome photos by Armand of Mission Loc@l and Julie of i live here: SF.

Armand + Silvi

Julie + Silvi

Freshly crafted poems in bottles go a long way, guys:

Secession, on Mission between 29th and 30th (across from Safeway). The opening runs from 6:30-9:30.

Witches vs Bitches – Mission vs Marina Theatre

The Mission’s unofficial entertainment critic, 40 Going on 28’s TK, brings us this most excellent review of Wicked, now playing at the Orpheum:

More interesting to me is the fact that “Wicked” is clearly a Mission vs. Marina allegory. Now, if you’re not familiar, the plot essentially concerns the backstory of the witches in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” On the one hand, we have Elphaba, our Mission girl, who will grow up (to be labeled by the patriarchy) as the Wicked Witch of the West. She has body art (i.e., she’s green) and doesn’t get along with her parents. At school, she develops an interest in animal rights and doesn’t hang out much with the cool crowd. This should remind you of someone you know by this point.

I will now magically turn Tecate tallboys into Midori sours!!

Glinda is pretty much the prototypical Marina girl. She’s blonde and rich and not that smart. She makes fun of Elphaba and doesn’t think anything of her right up until the time she suddenly discovers that the stuff Elphaba likes (in the musical, magic; in the real world, LCD Soundsystem and ecstasy) is actually really cool.

Read more mindblowing interpretation at 40 Going on 28.