Aunt Bill’s disco bathroom

Aunt Bill’s “Stuff” on Valencia is one of my favorite boxes filled with junk in the Mission (and there are a lot of boxes filled with junk in the Mission). On recent visits, their stock included vintage poison bottles, purple fur coats, a R2D2-shaped beer cooler, this Jacksons record, and half a dozen Eames chairs.

They’ve just opened up a second floor of stuff, and with it, a sparkly disco ball to entertain you while you poop.


Park porta potties pretty perfect

Recently, six porta potties appeared at the entrance to Dolores Park, more than doubling the number of restroom options previously available.  The effect has been tremendous, with bathroom lines reduced dramatically, even during yesterday’s Hunky Jesus extravaganza.  And now dedicated boyfriends no longer have to prove their affection by waiting with their significant others in the girls line!

So, has the city finally figured it out? Are these now a semi-permanent fixture in the park until the long awaited Dolores renovation project constructs completely new ones?

If not, then they’re totally blowing it.  For now, enjoy the convenience and the cleanliness! Seriously, these are some of the cleanest porta potties in which I’ve ever set foot! And they smell nice too! Kind of like flowers! So much so that I exclaimed as much upon entering, and the woman using the one next to me agreed, “Isn’t it delightful?”

It sure is. Enjoy it while it lasts!