Is Your Academy of Art University Diploma Worth a Shit?

I forget where I was when I took this, but it might’ve been in the Mission. If not, sorry. In any case, is anyone taken aback by the notion that a diploma from the Academy of “Art” “University” might not be good for shit? Fuck.

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Boing Boing Spotlights Passive Aggressive Anti-Graffiti Note in Bathroom at Little Star Pizza

Though I regret that we were scooped on this story by Boing Boing, I’m glad the world is starting to appreciate the bevy of interesting things to be found in Mission District bathrooms.

Link to post.

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Stone Got Glass Fucked By Your Mom With Love In The Men’s Room At 12 Galaxies

This is the last one, we promise. If the city manages to curb public displays of graffiti via a monetary reward for tattletales, we’ll always have rock club men’s room walls. This gem got took in the shitter at 12 Galaxies.

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