Amiable DJ Shutdown

We witnessed most of the most pleasant DJ-police interactions we’ve ever seen in Dolores Park over the weekend.  Look at those wide smiles on the faces of everyone involved!  The whole scene lasted less than a minute, with the officer walking up and having a word followed by the DJs immediately complying.

Everyone must have been pretty techno’d out because catcalls of “Fuck the Police” were muted and sparse.  Or maybe it was just because the sun was going down (albeit epically).

Volunteer at Shanti!

The new year is upon us and by now many of you have already flaked on your resolutions.  Things like, “No eating pints of Humphrey Slocumb Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee ice cream in bed and then immediately falling asleep” and “Run up to the top of Twin Peaks from 23rd and Valencia every other day” sound easy enough when you’re guzzling champagne while the ball’s dropping, but odds are these ambitious plans have already fallen by the wayside, and we haven’t even made it through the first week!

Moreover, those are some pretty selfish resolutions.  Why not get into the spirit of GIVING BACK to the community (and humanity) instead by volunteering at Shanti, one of the coolest non-profits in the city?  These rad folks provide emotional and practical support to San Francisco’s most vulnerable individuals living with life-threatening illness; namely, people suffering from HIV/AIDS and breast cancer.  A Peer Support Volunteer gets paired up with a client (someone with HIV/AIDS or breast cancer who has come to Shanti for help) and just basically hangs out with them and does things like doing chores, running errands, or providing companionship, thus helping the client continue to live independently.

It’s definitely not easy (they ask for a commitment of 2 to 6 hours a week for at least 6 months), but rest assured it’s some of the most poignant and emotionally rewarding experiences anyone can go through.  If you really want to make a difference this year with your resolution, Shanti is the place to go.  Plus, they’re having a training session at the end of this month, starting on Friday, January 28th!  Check out all the details here!

Let’s Go Giants All the Time

In less than one hour the San Francisco Giants will attempt to clinch the World Series of Baseball while deep in the heart of Texas.  Whether or not Lincecum and the gang will able to do it tonight, it’s undeniable how much of demonstrative force they have been in unifying the vastly diverse residents of our dynamic city.  Everyone has at least one thing in common.

For instance, during rush hour on a crowded BART train earlier, a testy exchange broke out between a passenger with a bicycle and another who felt it was necessary to point out that he was breaking the rules.  Another passenger who overheard the conversation shouted from the other side of the train, “Don’t fuck with bikes!”  The murmuring of everyone around grew louder and the tension escalated as they said a few more things to each other.

Thinking fast, I yelled, “Go Giants!”  Immediately, everyone in the car burst into laughter and smiles that sustained until we got to the next stop, where the passenger with the bicycle departed after offering an earnest apology to no one in particular.  Crisis averted.

So yeah, Go Giants!  And let’s try to be rad to each other all the time!

[Cranial Liminal Scan Photo]

Would You Pick It Up?

An ethical dilemma for a rainy Sunday.  Sure, the owner of the Faggio would obviously prefer finding his scooter upright upon returning, but would you be doing him a disservice by preventing him from knowing that something happened to his ride?  Assume there is no damage–does it matter if he knows?

Wait, what if the owner saw you propping it back up and assumed you knocked it over?!?  Would could you say then?  Have any of you ever gotten into trouble for mistimed altruism?

Confused?  Luckily, it’s Sunday, so you can always go off and see a minister.

California Chill

Alice Gregory, a San Franciscan living in New York (not pictured), recently had her Californianess tested:

I left my phone in a cab while running an errand for work last Wednesday. My native California “chillness” (which usually — thankfully! — does not exist) really came into effect. I remained calm. I did what I went to 9th Avenue and 38th to do then hailed another cab to take me to the office, where I planned to Google “lost property + nyc + cab.”

Read on for a poignant lesson in chill.

[Photo by Joe Horvath.]