Cherry Blossom Drama

Remember, it is NOT okay to pick these cherry blossom branches.  Nobody cares that you are planning the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever for your significant other by trying to recreate the opening sequence from Samurai Shodown in your bedroom.  Please respect the amazing cherry blossom clip art that was created specially for this informative sign.

There are better ways to get cherry blossoms, folks, and it’s not from these embattled trees on 19th Street @ York.

Drivers of Environmentally Friendly Performance Automobiles Enjoy Rhea’s Sandwiches

This completely electric Tesla Roadster was parked in front of Rhea’s Deli for a couple of hours on Sunday. Apparently rich, eco-conscious speed freaks love Asian-fusion sandwiches and are exempt from current CA yellow curb traffic laws.

If you want my completely not-a-car-guy evaluation, the thing is the size of a Miata and has lots of cool vents. It also costs as much as a house in Concord.

By the way, since when did the benches in front of Rhea’s become such the hang?

Update: Yellow curbs aren’t enforced on Sundays.

Now You Too Can Help Clean Up Dolores Park

Dolores Park Works announces a novel new idea:

Yes, what a concept, regular Dolores Park Clean-ups. Now every third Saturday. We start this Saturday, November 20, 10am to 2pm. We got the gloves, pickers, bags,  rakes, weed hoes….well you get the picture.  All we need is you.

Who’s in? Further details here.

[Photo by Broke-Ass Stuart]