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These Are the Fonts in Your Neighborhood

December 21, 2010

David Prowler walked along 16th Street between Mission and Market identifying different fonts (or should I say typefaces) of business names and other signs with an app on his iPhone.

Mission Dolores Church is identified as Minimala-Medium Italic, for example.

Check it out. (found at Curbed SF)

Here Come the Suns

November 3, 2010

You know how once you get a Red Hot Chili Peppers song stuck in your head you start hearing them everywhere you go? Then you inevitably start thinking about the crotch-cam in their “Give it Away” video and gross yourself out. Christ, why wont that band go away?

Michael Gillette had a similar experience with noticing sun designs on San Francisco buildings and started documenting them on SF Sun Houses. There are suns all up in this bitch. Perhaps this is a hint at a secret pagan conspiracy that runs this town? Or maybe we just really like the sun because, you know, it makes the Earth habitable and that’s where we keep all of our stuff. Go see for yourself, and be sure to tip him off if you see some worth noting.

On a related note, Michael’s art is really beautiful.

“The Tenderloin is a Little Bit Bossy”

October 22, 2010

Check out I Know Alyssa Jones, a lot of really cool street level pictures of the city, each one telling a story.

Including some in Santa Cruz. (represent!)

I only wish I could click the pics to see the full sizes.


August 19, 2010

Back when our band LA CORDE went down to play a show in Tijuana, we had the pleasure of hanging out with our friend Jason, a former San Franciscan who’s been living there for the past few years. 

We’re planning on going back there for more shows over Labor Day weekend, so to get in the mood, I’ve been checking out Tijuanalandia, Jason’s  blog.  It’s pretty awesome.  You should do yourself a favor and check it out yourself.

Tijuana Critical Mass

Just like the Mission



Mission Taquerias Need to Step it Up

Mission Bar Treats Need to Step it Up

Mission Mission To Be Relaunched on Geocities

April 27, 2010

Well, not really.  But this is what it would look like if we did!  As you can see, I’ve been having a little bit too much fun with the Geocities-izer today instead of blogging about important news.  Try not to let yourself be similarly distracted!

[Thanks (for nothing) Mike Z!]


April 20, 2010

My buddy Eric found the zine depicted by The Zeit Guide (hrmph, I like my spelling better) on top of a mailbox near his place.  Looks like they’re just getting started, but the zine they uploaded already contains some gems, such as:


Fast.  And loud.

If you don’t know what he just said, don’t ask him to repeat, just shout yes.  The more trouble for him, the worse the look, and the more questionable the preparation of food.

Don’t hover.  They’ll take longer and yell at you.

More tips for survival can be found here.  Let’s hope that these folks can keep it up!


Live Above Zeitgeist!

SFGATE:  Mission Bartenders Are a Bunch of Meanies

A Zeitgeist Sans Smoke

Virginia the Undead Tamale Lady

Meng Is Inspired

February 8, 2010

Check out Mission native Michelle Nguyen’s blog, Meng;Inspired. She writes and draws a sweet autobiographical comic strip. That’s her on the left.