Emerging to catch some rays

Thanks to the astute photography of Nick Fisher, we’ve finally got a look at the fellow who inhabits that questionably-roadworthy, tape-covered mess of a vehicle that inhabits parking spots along Duboce underneath the freeway.  The weather’s been so nice outside lately that even this dude had to come out of his plastic-layered shell.

While you’re navigating the minor inconveniences of your fast-paced lifestyle, it’s often easy to forget how easy it is for some personal hardship or illness to come along and wreck everything.  Then, before you know it, people start looking away when they see you on the street and you end up living in this.  Just take a moment to be thankful of your opportunities, and try not to forget that it’s not quite as easy for everyone.



Duct tape soup up

Knockout gets KO’d

Someone must have been so amped to see DJ Avalos at Oldies Night tonight that they couldn’t bother with finding a parking space. Well, that and they also crazily reversed into the building and very nearly caused several instances of vehicular manslaughter. Of particular intrigue is the fact that no substances seemed to be involved.  No, this was sober driving at its worst.

According to our own Mike Chino who was one of those almost struck, “it came out of nowhere, very suddenly.” We’re very happy that Mike’s knees are still intact, and we implore the driver, who drove away 30 minutes later after a lengthy conversation with police, to please learn how to drive a car.