CONTEST: Win Tickets to Elephant 6 Film Screening and PERFORMANCE at the Roxie!

Elephant 6, the collective made up of Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo and many other indie rock favorites, have been working on this feature film Major Organ and the Adding Machine for a while, and on Sunday, they’re screening it at the Roxie. AND playing some songs. Their show at the Independent the night before is sold out, so if you don’t have tickets to that, you might want to hurry up and buy tickets to this.

OR, you could try to win tickets by entering our contest. Leave a comment below relating a personal anecdote about any Elephant 6 project or any instance of a group of musicians making a foray into the realm of cinema, and we’ll pick two winners based on merit. Each winner will get a pair of passes. Contest ends at 8pm on Thursday.

Portrait of the Artist as a Preschooler

Even James Joyce needed to start somewhere.  In case you didn’t know, there’s a unique little preschool here in the Mission whose mission is to prepare children to always respect and exude creativity through art, music, and other non-traditional methods (like constructing forts and giant robots).  If you’re a little confused, fear not, since they will be hosting a documentary at Brava Theater demonstrating exactly what makes the Buen Dia Family School and its methods so special.   Check out all the details here.

All I know is that I wish I had the chance to construct giant robots in preschool!

[Photo by Kozy Shack]

Genghis Blues Screening at the Roxie Tonight

Last Tuvan throat singing post of the weekend, I promise.

In case you missed last night’s Tuvan throat singing extravaganza at Kaleidoscope, Genghis Blues: the movie which made it all possible, is screening tonight at the Roxie at 7:15pm. Best of all, after the movie Kongar-ol Ondar will be performing!

The Genghis Blues Review last night was totally packed, but it was an awesome time. Kongar-ol Ondar did some traditional songs, but also took us back Tuva future with this folk-rock inspired number:

He also invited local singer and vocal teacher Karina Denike up to, uh, feel his diaphragm.

Movie Director Whit Stillman Likes Floor Drugs

In a new interview with the director of Metropolitan, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco, First Things blows the lid off Stillman’s floor drugs habit:

Little details often interest Stillman. He spent a couple of minutes during one interview collecting tiny white balls off the floor. He thought they were pills but lost interest when he discovered they were your typical over-the-counter breath mints.

What a scoop! Read on if you like Whit Stillman and/or want to hear about his forthcoming film and where he’s been at for the last 12 years.

Floor drugs!

[via] [Photo by Damien Basile]


Floor Drugs

CONTEST: Win Tickets to Premiere of New Spike Jonze Movie About BMX Radness

It’s called The Birth of Big Air and it contains scenes like this. See that litle dude on a bike about a 300 feet above the lip of that ramp? That’s Mat Hoffman, BMX superstar and star of the film, which looks at how the rad world of BMX got even radder.

Jeff Tremaine of Jackass is director, and Spike and Johnny Knoxville are producers, and it’s screening Saturday at the Victoria Theater as part of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival. (What’s that? You still haven’t been inside the Victoria Theater? Tsk tsk.)

Here’s the invite with a few more pertinent details:

And here’s the trailer:

To win a pair of tickets, leave a comment below relating your best BMX-related story. We will pick a winner based on merit. Contest closes Friday at noon.

Or you can always just buy tickets here.