Coming soon to the Roxie Theater: BEER

If you’re lucky, you’ve been to one of the handful of events over the years where our beloved Roxie obtains a temporary permit and serves beer. Friday before last we had an absolute blast at an epic screening of Skatetown USA — the audience went ape for Patrick Swayze’s big-screen debut, while drinking canned microbrews furnished by 21st Amendment. A couple months before that was Uptown Almanac’s Locally Sourced Pop-Up Comedy Night, featuring a ton of local comics and free Pabsts.

Well now we’re all gonna be lucky, for it looks like the owners of the Roxie have applied for a permit to sell beer ALL THE TIME. This is the most civilized news I’ve heard all year. Can’t wait to party!

Now let’s all slam a beer and watch a youthful Patrick Swayze light up the roller rink:

(Thanks again, Sunny!)

Bid adieu to Haight Street’s historic Red Vic Movie House with farewell screenings of ‘Harold and Maude’ all weekend long

Here’s the deal:

Celebrate the Red Vic’s 31st birthday with one of our most popular films ever. Director Hal Ashby (Being ThereShampoo) takes jabs at motherhood, the military, psychiatry, computer dating, patriotic fever and funerals in probably the most charming movie about death ever made. Much of this modern love story takes place in the Bay Area, and settings include the Sutro Baths, the Marin Headlands and the Emeryville mudflats. Morbid 19-year-old Harold drives a Jaguar converted into a hearse, stages one suicide after another and frequents cemeteries. Ruth Gordon steals the show as the exuberant 79-year-old Maude who teaches him to appreciate life. Playfully grim, this is black comedy at its finest. Starring Bud Cort, Ruth Gordon and Vivian Pickles, and featuring the music of Cat Stevens. A special birthday treat will be given out at evening screenings on Monday as a thanks to all our patrons for years of support.(92m)

Get advance tickets here. (And pray we never have to post a similar item about the Roxie.)

[Image by Hannah]

Lost Weekend sunny sidewalk sale

What a beautiful sunny day in the Mission!  Everyone’s out and about walking around, and the sidewalks are alive with all sorts of interesting excitement.  Do yourself a favor and walk down Valencia or 24th and you won’t regret it!

Also, fans of cinema should be sure to stop by Lost Weekend video to check out their sidewalk sale.  They’ll probably do it again tomorrow too!  There’s definitely some gems in there–I came away with Murder by Death starring the legendary Peter Falk (and I guess Truman Capote)!!!

(RIP Columbo)


Let’s Not Lose Lost Weekend Video

‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean makes late-night pit stop at Mission fire station

Smoke was billowing out of it, it was all lit up, the license plate read “OUTTA TIME” 40 people were standing around taking pictures with it. I said to some other gawkers, “Well, what, are they gonna light in on fire and then put it out?” And the other gawkers were uniformly outraged: “No! That’s a priceless piece of cinematic history!” “That’s THE ACTUAL DELOREAN FROM BACK TO THE FUTURE!” “Dude, that’s the car from THAT MOVIE! Why would they light it on fire??” I dunno, dude! It’s a fire department training facility is all!

Anyway, I don’t know what happened.

‘Skate Witches’ in the Midwest, 1986

The Mission may have Teen Witch, and she’s pretty great, but I don’t know that she’s ever uttered a phrase quite as killer as, “I don’t have no money to waste on a skateboard, so I take one from whoever I want, whenever I want.” (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

In any case, prepare to be dazzled by Skate Witches, filmed in Ann Arbor about 25 years ago:

[via Damn Arbor]

Film shoot makes shiny happy sign telling Mission residents not to touch their food

Our buddy Plumpy gives us a little background:

[Last] week, I got a flier on my door announcing the filming of an “indepedent feature film”. The important part says: “In a scene to be filmed in front of the Haight Ashbury clinic, one actor threatens another actor with a prop weapon while a group of onlookers (extras) look on. Do not be alarmed. The SFPD will be on site to facilitate our filming and ensure public safety.” I live on Mission St.; do they really think I would be alarmed by something as minor as a knife fight?

Ha! Not bloody likely! Here’s the notice in question: